What is the best potting soil

Hey , folks what do you think is a good potting soil, and liquid nutrients

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Jack’s 321 and happy frog or fox farm ocean forest or coco


You want a soil that is properly buffered for cannabis. Fox Farms products, Roots Organics, and Black Magic are all good products. Avoid any product made by Miracle Grow, Scotts, or Vigoro.

The most commonly used liquid nutes for cannabis is the Fox Farm Trio plus a cal/mag product. Jack’s 321 is a better product in my opinion, but it is powdered.


Whatever one you choose, as they all suck if you ask me, just saying. I would make my own if possible. Look up sub cools super soil recipe.

Most of these bags of dirt contain fungus knats so I like to kill them first before adding the bugs. Good luck


Liquid nutrients I use Canna as I grow in coco

I’m the anomaly here - I absolutely LOVE Mother Earth’s Coco/Peat and Jacks 321 with FishSh!t and Recharge. MKP and Mammoth P added in flower and done!

very lite nute charge in the mix and lite and airy straight out of the bag. I start feeding diluted jacks at the first watering with no issues.
A great, underrated and under-used medium.
I love it and I’m happy to be no where near Frogs or salty forests! LOL!


If you’re going to use the liquid nutrients (you don’t have to), I’d skip the soil and just go with coco+perlite from the beginning.

In my opinion, so many people run into problems when they start using liquid nutes on top of soil because they don’t realize they’re effectively transitioning the plant from a soil style into a hydro style grow, in the middle of the plants life.

Personally, I agree with @2GreenThumbs, the best soil is the one you made fresh yourself. Keep it fed and healthy and you won’t need to bottle feed.


@Dclark has good posted advice. Growing plants has shown me the following:

  1. My first recommendation includes reading all ILGM postings for an introduction to multiple topics. ILGM postings present contributions from participants allowing new readers to benefit and share in the wealth of knowledge. The variety and depth of topics are very valuable for supporting accelerated learning, often presenting additional topics or view points for consideration and further research.
  2. Local Garden store bulk soil (cubic yards) barely supports lawn growth and is made from recycled yard products people trash. I am sure it is full of chemicals and other ingredients that will kill. My Tulips need better growing soil. Black Gold, Miracle Grow and Fox Farms, all are improvements over the cheap stuff. Bag soils starting from cheap going to expensive and can become more expensive adding supplemental chemicals or ingredients necessary for good grow. Without a chemistry degree, mixing ingredients should be left to the pros and often makes a mess requiring clean-up. Acquisition of multiple different products from multiple vendors could be detrimental (causing delay, increased costs, and heaven forbid, incompatible mixes) for efficient growing.
  3. I grew tomatoes in Japan for 5 years and thought buying BLACK GOLD @ $18.00/bag was expensive, until I purchased some FOX FARM SOIL. However, for the best grow results, utilize good soil (engineered for meeting specific growth requirements). Soils can be balanced for compatible components ingredient characteristics like PH and aeration. My Japan garden years 2-4 were not as successful on tomato yield, probably because I did not re-fresh the soils sufficiently to support maximum growth. Since starting my PNW 2022 grow, I have seen my plants respond to improving the soils utilized and I can’t wait to see the results from transitioning to larger containers with upgrading my lights and soils (Aeration, FF soils and mycorrhizae).
  4. My youngest plants have the biggest fan leaves, confirming the successful results of increased lighting and better soils. NOTE: Previous PH measuring (now I include PH measuring before and after with known additions). Plants in the 6-6.5 are the biggest.
  5. In summation, soils can be costly, just as lights, tents, and supportive equipment. However, good soil is the foundation for good plants (hopefully).
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There is a lot of good cannabis friendly soil.
Fox farm, roots organic Just to name a couple. Good luck :v:

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Ok thank you all, i will do some home work on those suggested soils

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If you’re looking for a simple nute to use. Look at Dyna-gro. Foliage pro for veg stage, Bloom for flowering stage. Good luck :v:

Your first pick should be soil or coco. Coco offers a better growth rate and near absolute control over what your plants are receiving. It’s nigh impossible to over water in coco, but easy to under. The downside is you’ll need to water with nutes every blessed day.
Soil has the opposite upside and downside. You’ll need to time the nutes, and you can water too often - but you don’t need to water every day.

Once you pick a grow medium you can pick a nutrient source. FF is good, but you have to make sure you follow the flush schedule. Jack’s is a bit more difficult to mix (3 minutes instead of 1), but does not need the flush. I’m a Jack’s user, BTW.

Best advice - whether soil or coco or whatever nutrient line you select - is to water until you have 10%-25%runoff. If you put in gallon in the top look for a quart or so out the bottom. This mini-flush keeps many problems from turning a minor annoyance into a plant killer. Overwatering with soil medium is watering too often, not too much. You want wet/dry cycles with soil. Overwatering with coco isn’t possible.


Nicely said @DrWoo