Need advice on soil

Hi, I’m Homeychicken from Kentucky, I, m a beginner and on my second indoor grow, I m still learning ALOT and was wondering if someone could help me with my soil, I’m not really sure what to start with, I’m reading miracle grow soil is not the best, I know it needs to be oh between 6,7 but what kind of soil is best or not to hard to get.

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I’m in Tennessee, I use fox farms happy frog. Some prefer fox farms ocean. There’s also promix which some prefer. If you chose fox farms go to their website and they have a local dealer tab.

You want a soil medium that is buffered specifically for cannabis to help maintain correct PH through the grow. This is only one of several problems with MG products as they do not have any real buffering of their soil.

Roots Organics, Fox Farms, Promix, Black Magic all make cannabis soils and soilless media. If nothing else you can order from Amazon.

Some things to look for to avoid: anything that says “moisture control” or “needs no fertilizer for six months”. That’s a dead giveaway.


Thanks ALOT you all, I will get online and see what I can find, I really appreciate the tips, I’ve learned a butt load in the past couple weeks, going to try fax next.

Can I find thatHappy frogs around here?

Should I found it at a couple local shops.

Thanx man!

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