Michigan Peat 5540

Michigan Peat 5540 Garden Magic Top Soil, 40-Pound - Walmart.com

coming back after almost 8 years, im trying to go budget. anyone use this stuff…its half the price of Fox arms

You’ll have better results using a soil that is properly buffered for cannabis. If you do go with topsoil, then be sure that you are monitoring and managing pH.

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everything is a bit fuzzy, i was barely getting a good grasp on things when i left

the hobby, so id need to PH water runoff? i dont recall every PHing my soil, only the water and nutrient

is there a suitable soil sold at Walmart/Lowes/Home depot, that proven ad good to go out of the bag?

Fox Farm, Roots Organics, Coast of Maine, and Black Magic are all good soils. I’m not aware of any acceptable soils from the big box retailers.

Yes, managing pH is very important. Using a soil that isn’t pH buffered makes it even more important. Improper pH can cause some serious plant health issues.


thank you

so if i order this ill be good to go? the price is right and its a decent amount of soil Amazon.com : Roots Organics Original Potting Soil, Organic Growing Media with Mycorrhizae, 75 Cubic Foot Plant-in-Bag : Patio, Lawn & Garden


Yes sir. It’s a good soil.


@Edward7983 you are growing organically?

If so type in the search bar “organic mosh pit” the top post has tons of info and is still active.

i wouldnt necessarily say organic, the goal is to just grow and enjoy the “fruit”…Besides Ph drops and some FF trio, i dont plan on adding chemicals

gonna check it out…thanks

In Minnesota, Fox Farms is carried in HD & WW, as well as local hardwares. Seemingly all after legalization.

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