Where or who sells soils the cheapest

Just wondering if their was consensus on cheapest places to order soils. My options on cannabis suppliers are slim. Miracle groooo cant say it.


Amazon is probably your best bet

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Have never used amazon. I would rather pay mom and pop shop couple extra bucks, just my way of paying life forward as to amazon.

Cheapest doesnt always come cheaper, just best price available

Discretion in texas is always a priority.


Check out GrowGreenMI - they have sales on soil all the time. Personally I’d go for Coast of Maine, especially since Fox Farms is pretty readily associated with growing cannabis.

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Seek out your local hydroponics shop. They usually carry good cannabis soils.


I just use whatever decent organic on sale. Since i mix it in with my reused soil when need some it evens out well. I just try not to buy hot soils. The living soil method just makes it better each round.


The nearest town has two traffic lights, and being discreet counts. And miracle grooooo is not a option. Thanks for the help graysin.

I dont just open pages cause the web takes you there. Having fellow growers with experience recommending a site weighs alot with me.


You can Google product closest available it might be cheaper to drive 50 miles than to pay shipping . Maybe pick up enough for 2 grows.
Just my thoughts good luck !


I hope my attaching a link is not verboten.
I am brand new to growing and just learned a lesson on temperature and clones. I watch with great enthusiasm Jeremy and Buildasoil. In this episode he mixes soil and I imagine this would be the cheapest way. I personally have not advanced to this yet and use FFOF.
Good Luck!
How to Make Soil from Scratch with 3 Proven Soil Building Recipes - Complete Instructions - BuildASoil

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Our first grow will be somewhat of a no brainer. Auto seed, p4p. Most likely our second comes with alot of research on types of soils, amounts, more cloth pots, and what types of nutes we select.

We are 200 plus miles to metro areas of any size.

So far, 2 separate packages arrived, the light and pot4pot. Discreet, nothing hinted towards illegal.

Another thread someday, i found ilgm from an article in the denver post on best seed banks. Top 5.
Discreet was the most important thing i read. Here i am.

Thanks for the recipes and any other personal sites yall use

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@Mosca if you have the property you can always make your own my friend happy growing

Home depot ,menards, walmart, farm and fleet around here have Happy frog and FFOF @


If you’re really on a budget I’d say Lowe’s. Get non miracle grow potting soil, a bale pest moss, and a bag of peat humus mix and waalaa you’re off to a decent start

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My lowes, home depot and walmart have no fox products, maine soils was on the menu, worm castings yes, thought i heard, duh, read, somewhere a type of bmx, or blackgold possible soil with addittives.

All can be ordered, yes. We will get there.

This was small until the other got interested , she was interested in product only, now knows that she can get head start on certain garden veggies for spring with use of the light.

As to my being cheap. If the ranch needed a new tractor, john deere green all the way.

One simple factor, resale value. So yes, again, i want the best value my buck brings from John Deere dealerships. Best warranty, most perks, free attatchments and so on. Cheapest dealership package.

Must be a young persons opinion, just my opinion :thinking:

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Dunno - I see value in being - what’s @Tylersays always say? “Thrifty.” Bang for buck - I feel that. I mathed out a lot of this stuff before committing to the grow. Still bungled a few things.

Be surprised how much resale you can get out of your crop if there’s a way to disseminate safely. I’m still working on that thought, myself, though. It’s fully legal, but I can’t afford the “political” ramifications because at least half my clients are extremely opposed.

GrowGreenMI is the way to go to dodge shipping. Can’t swear to how the package will show up, I have 25 pound bags of nutrients I got from them. The most plain, boring cardboard boxes I’ve ever seen. But bags of soil prolly fit different boxes. :v:

@Mosca I think organic is the way to go my friend being in the situation your in i live on a farm and in a rural area over years of growing and i get better product growing organic or hydro than any other way to me they can keep all there chemicals

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Learning a few common sense things. Why some have mentioned washing coco. Some dont. Them coconuts roll into the ocean getting soaked with salt. Make sense.

Next year my sweetie will be composting again. We left beautiful asparagus garden.behind. gotta break new ground for new garden.

Organic very doable.

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We have a mom and pop nursery down the street. I buy their locally produced organic soil mix. I think it was $10 a big bag. Nice stuff and not full of bark. I re-amend and reuse each grow. This summer’s grow has some soil from grow 1 almost two years ago.


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