Where or who sells soils the cheapest

My local hardware store sells happy frog 2cuft for $20 a bag…abushaun…miss spelled

Is 20.00 for that type an average? Consider that good price, ball park?

If you’re settled on ordering anyway then research what soil you want to use and order from wherever you feel us cheapest. I would gladly stack 25 free bags of ff to get to a bag of roots organics i had to pay for. That’s just me though, and I’m rather picky. This should be more about how you plan to use than anything else. You can get a brick of coco dirt cheap, but you’ll use more nutrients and spend a lot more time mixing than with a traditional organic soil grow. Or you could spend a lot of front building a super soil, and done successfully will have very little soil maintained required throughout the grow.


Learning alot about soil type, ie coco, i would love to kiss, keep it simple stupid. Some frog products have nutes, some talk teas, confusing what goes where and when.
200 miles from dfw, 50 to lowes home depot and few nurserys.
After the p4p, say I bought the black gold soil, might have been bmx soil, perlite, bricks of coco… what else to make this work.
How much to make for a total four 5 gal clothe bags

Growing autos . Does the size of container matter on final product? 3 or 5 gal give same results

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You can grow a huge plant in a small pot, will just be more labor intensive. And you can be successful with just about any media from any store. How successful will come down to details of your particular grow. Black gold for instance, I’ve never used but not the first time I’ve seen it mentioned for growing weed. I think i mentioned earlier i don’t like fox farms anything but plenty of people here use it fairly well. It’s more about making sure your plants get what they need than names on bags or bottles. As long you know the quirks and limitations of of product used and manage your grow properly they will all work.

Initially, we thought huge dollars, light seed and p4p. Less tha 600.00. Mama said buy 12x12. Wood shed., okay 4x4 space instead, so maybe more than one seed at time. I did see thread with wheel barrel, all the ingredients, and know that his mix did four-7 gal cloth bags. Nice to have idea on amount need approximately.

Will continue to read and stash knowledge where i can.
Thanks for your time.


You get roughly 7 gallons per cubic foot. Have too keep in mind that something like a 5 gallon fabric pot is not a true 5 gallons, more like a little short of 4 gallons. I think the last time i bought 1.5 cubic foot bag and mixed in large chunk perlite at about 25% would fill about 4-5 gallon fabric pots 2" from top.

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I will say from personal experience, check around locally and in other places. The big most popular shopping site is about 2 -2.5x more expensive on happy frog than anywhere else I’ve bought. They charge $40 for 2cu ft and everyone local to me sells for $20 so just a heads up.

Knowing how much to use to fill different sizes of pots is parts of the learning curve in the equation.

Keep it coming, we will get a recipe or game plan.

Thanks :blush:

Road trip, shopping list cover everything but the kitchen sink. Fish emulsions, bone meals, worm castings, coco, already washed, perlite, oyster shell, dolomite(?), humic acid, rock dust and diamascious earth. Might not use a third of this, sweetie loves her plants, flowers, and garden, she’s eyeballing my list with a smile.

Nutes for early and late, have soils ranked, hope to see top shelf. Might try more of the jiff starter kits, again wife claims dibs on light for early start of certain veggies for spring.

Good ole cheap list of supplies.

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Looks promising, half their advertising is FoxFarm.


I’ve been using Roots Organics Original, I like it. That website that Graysin mentioned also has it on sale now.

If you want to start off really simple with your autoflowers, consider trying Grow Dots. I’m on my third plant with them, it’s super easy and so far I’ve had no problems. Others here have also used them, so you can poke around the forum to see others’ experiences. To use, just mix the recommended amount into your soil before planting/transplanting, then throughout the grow, water your plant as usual and use a microbe product. The makers of Grow Dots (Real Growers) recommend their own microbes, of course lol, called Recharge, but I use it and it’s been great. Many growers use Recharge.

Grow Dots are a timed/programmed release nute that is good for up to a 16-week grow, and it seems that it works best in soil and optimized for autoflowers due to the 16-week limitation. There are a couple bundle deals on Real Grower’s website that also come with free shipping. (I don’t make a penny for recommending this, I’ve just found that it works and is good for someone like me who prefers simplicity and doesn’t have prior gardening experience.)

Been past that nursery a few times, never noticed the half dozen or so fox farm banners on the 100 yards of fence. Not too mention, half of the staff were wearing fox farm t shirts. Carried alot of nutes also.

Even picked up a brouchure explaing all 12 FoxFarm soils.

Very good day.


I find water is much cheaper option than soil. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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BioBizz all mix or light mix

Tried different ff soils and big rootz had to add extra perlite, just went with roots organic original no extra perlite needed best soil grow yet pd.20.00 for 1.5 I’m sold on their soil! tried coco too much watering but explosive growth!


At first, we bought FFOF, i wanted simple, no mixing 10 different ingredients, kept on reading journals and found cannnacoco to be real simple and Jacks nutes 321 doesnt get much easier.

Bricks are cheaper than name brands for canna use