Miracle grow potting soil

Is miracle grow a gooid medium for an indoor grow

No. Look into the fox farms products. Ocean forest and happy frog specifically are 2 good ones from them.

No.MG has time release N which can screw up your flowering. Stay away from any soil with time release fertilizer.

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Roots organics works well also.

Tha k you very much

IF you everything you put in it to fry n die…go for it.

If you rather have a harvest…Happy Frog will feed fine for two+ months, then you need to add nutes. Mix 50/50 with unfertilized soil.

If you’re not practiced in feeding nutrients, I would go with something like Fox Farm Ocean Forest. It will get you through a couple months without adding nutrients. If you want complete control over nutrients, go with an inert mix like ProMix or Coco.

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Roots does the same.

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I second roots organic. Haven’t had to fight ph issues late in flower like I always did with fox farms soil.


Thsnkyouvry much slmost made a bid mistake


Your welcome. Good luck!

I was right were you were with fertilizer and I was using Miracle-Gro I’ll tell you I do I went online and I bought Fox forms they have a 3 pack for like 36 bucks and it’s everything you would need to get through a grow and boy can I tell the difference once I started using the proper fertilizers that are made for specifically marijuana

Yes i have had alot of response i just ordered some will be here next week

And who did you order it from

Amazon I had in like 3 days

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Should i add perlite? Tothe foxfarm


It would be better if your medium has some. I need some perlite myself. Helps with drainage issues and stuff.

I just used reg topsoil mixed with potting soil

they r only a month old

And those are nutrients you add to your water to feed them. If you weren’t sure. I’m ordering some soon as well. But you’ll need flush with it. Or ph’d water to flush with.