Learning the Grow Game

So I was asked about a few things to answer some questions.
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These are a few pics of my babies I just want to make sure I’m doing things correctly. The big question is what is the best way to mix the seedling package and do you think I even need it.


Sorry man but you have to wait for pictures to fully load


Hi there. Just wait til it hits 100% loaded, then hit the reply. We love pics of pot porn.


I was wondering what you think on how they’re looking and do you think I need that seedling fertilizer and if so how do I mix it and just an all around I view of the situation

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They look like they are doing well, if they streach a little when you transplant bury the stem a little. And with that soil you don’t need extra fertilizers till week 5. You will get no good reviews on miracle grow soils here. It grows some great plants, I use miracle grow potting mix in my closet. But it has lots of time released nitrogen and can be a problem in flower, and mg soils don’t have ph buffers, unlike other mj friendly soils you can buy. Keep up the good work, holler if you have any questions I will be following along @mgkr2001


When I’m ready to transplant I’m gonna change the soil. I’m hearing good things about fox farms is there anything u would recommend. Thanks

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@mgkr2001 I don’t use Fox Farms, but there have been recent posts from folks complaining that FF soil ISN’T the pH that it’s advertised at. They seem to have a bad batch.
Are these going to be outdoor plants or in a tent? What size containers are you planning on using? What nutes are you going to use?

I myself just use pro-mix and then add my own fertilizer. :sunglasses:

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They will be outdoor plants for the first harvest then I’m moving indoors but that’s for another day. I’ll will be transplanting into 5 gallon buckets and the nuts I have are from ILGM packs…

I also have test kits to check ph levels and others but every time I try to test it I put it in the thing I used a little chemical they gave me shake it up and it just looks like mud every time.

I’m like @Dreamer , I put couple inches of lava rocks in the bottom for drainage and air to the roots, then use ProMix. For nutes I go Advanced Nutrients. They pH balance their products so that when they are mixed, it pH’s the water perfectly, no need to test. My ladies love it!

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Any feedback on this soil it sounds like it provides a lot of quality ingredients for the plants… ???