Best soil to start seeds in

I know we’re not to use Miracle grow, read that somewhere on here. What should I use to start my seeds indoors in pots. They will be transplanted outside in 6 weeks.

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Well personally I use miracle grow and, knock on wood, I haven’t had a problem yet, but generally any soil that doesn’t have any added nutrients in it. I think any seed starting mix should do just fine. A few people use fox farm ocean forest, although sometimes it’s too hot for little seedlings, others use the light warrior mix I believe. Honestly just do some reading around in here and you’ll find all the I formation you could possibly need other want. the growers experiences in thier journals is some of the best knowledge out there


miracle grow has a few soil types…their seedling one is great for starting…it’s their moisture holding no fertilizers needed for 6 months type not recommended.

any seedling soil should mean there are no added fertilizers…maybe something called mycorrhizae will be added, a root growth supplement, a real good additive.

Pro Mix is another good medium for seeds to start in…


@Bobbi you can use mg soil if you want to in fact I believe in Roberts grow bible he tells you to start with that if I remember correctly
It’s just the nutrients blend in MJ is not really the best for our beloved MJ
I have fox farm ocean forest for after transplant and I started mine seedlings of in a generic organic no nutes added potting soil with perilite about 50/50 mix
Hope this helps


Personnaly, I use Fafard connoiseur soil for tropical plant that is suitable for seedling/sprouting and cloning. It’s certified for organic grow and has to be use with a proper nutrients schedule from vegetative stage to harvest .

Just to be clear, you can use this soil from seedling to harvest without problems with a proper nutrients schedule after seedling/sprouting :grinning::+1::ok_hand:

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I use not ProMix BX but the same thing onlly made by a different company. Awesome stuff.
I even make my own soil using it thus i don’t need nutrients.



I’ve mixed fox farms ocean forest with a seedling mix in the past with good success. I recommend at least mixing a soil that has nutrients with a seedling mix unless you are comfortable giving a seedling nutrients. I recently sprouted a Chocolope seed with just the seedling mix. I’ve struggled a little with giving it enough nutes because I’m afraid of burning it. It has about 5 nodes now. I am surprised how hungry it has been. I’ve only grown soil and never had to give nutes until later in veg before now.

My first few grows were in MG soil. It can be done, but it is likely that you will have nutrient or ph issues in flower unless you are watching your ph and ppm better than I did. I heard it can be difficult to flush for harvest. I didn’t know about flushing properly till I had already moved on to better soil…

There shouldn’t be any concern starting seedlings in MG soil, as long as it isn’t the 6 month stuff. You can repot into better soil later.

The best soil I have found has been soil that I mixed myself. I mix FFOF, coco coir, perlite and/or hydroton balls. I also have to add dolomite lime in flower because of ph with FFOF.