Help on picking the right soil for outdoor grow

Ok guys last season i grew my 1st 3 plant crop and i was happy but im gonna make the right changes and hopefully get better results. I need some pointers for getting the right soil. I will be growinv outdoors and im in the deep south ( gulfcoast ) . Can anyone suggest a good ready to use soil . I had foxfarm ocean forest in mind is this a good start ???


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I’d suggest Happy Frog over Ocean Forest, but both are perfectly acceptable.

Be sure to get a soil that is properly pH buffered for cannabis. FF, Roots Organics, Stonington Blend, and Black Magic are all good. Coco is a good option as well.

Stay away from any soil that says “feed for x months” or “moisture control.”


Planting in containers again or inground? Inground I’d say use a soil conditioner to mix in with your natural native soil.


Depending on how far you want to investigate native soil, USGS has topsoil maps of both good and bad metals you might use to fine tune your grow, like these…


Im gonna go with containers again just because they did so good bushing out last season

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Thanks …its good to be back …perfect i was not sure of the other brands . Thanks for the tips

I would go with roots organics original over anything from fox farms. It has been way more consistent from bag to bag here. Cost is about the same, but maybe a little more difficult to find.

I set my dad up with uprising and terp teas from roots as well. Amended soil with uprising grow and used terp teas and tribus every week or so once plant was mature. He is kinda lazy and slacked with top dressing of the uprising bags, and it kinda showed. But he’s taken 2 different outdoor grows to harvest using nothing but this stuff.


I buy coco coir for starter pots it’s ok?