Soften Distillate

sorry for the dumb question. i just got my first liter of Distillate. how do i soften it safely. ive left it on my hot plate at 140 for about an hour and nothing has changed.

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Sorry can you better explain what you have and what your trying to achieve

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i have 1 liter of distalette. it is a solid basically., i can stick a syringe in, and cant get anything to come out. i have put it in a sink with hot water. still solid. i have put it on my hot plate, and its still a solid. im trying to make vape tips.

I have heard of people using organic terpenes you can buy bottles of it online

You still are not making yourself clear. What is the ‘distallate’? Are you talking about wax? If so you would mix with alcohol to dilute for use (NOT Isopropyl!)

im really confused. its called distalette. its not wax, its not bho. its 90% thc. first bud is turned to wax, then through distillation, distalette is made but running it though and getting rid of a;ll fats and lipids.

it is a amber color. almost like honey. but its solid. i can pierce it with a syringe, but cannot pull anything into it. it is in a 1 liter glass bottle. my magnetic stirrer with hot plate is not doing anything to it.

You will have to dilute it with ethanol to use, or into something like coconut oil.

I get what your tryna do, You want to use it as the base for THC vape carts. I have done this a few times. You need to thin it out a bit with terpenes, pick terpenes that you want the cart to taste like, fruit like flavors seemed to work best for me. I think most carts you buy that are distillate based, are like 85% Distillate and 15% terps. There are a few products like Shatter batter that are used for the same thing but thats mostly PG or PEG and makes it taste funky. As for softening out the jar, you may need to just chip some away with a dab tool and soften it up in small batches as opposed to trying to do the whole jar. To get them to join together you need to slightly heat it and whip it, whip it good.

Im a little jealous, I thought I had a good hook up on Distillate and the dude just disappeared, lol. I had just spend $300 bucks on empty carts and terps, lol. I still use the terps to enhance my weed though. A few drops on a paper towel in the jar with your nugs will impart the flavors into your weed. I have way too much of one strain after last summer so I like to mix it up.

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I use terpenes from Dab Labz I heat the distillate,mine being oil,in a shot glass in a pan of hot water until it is soft,the mix in terps,stir for 4-5 ,minutes, suck into syringe and THEN put small tip on and immediately fill carts before liquid cools and thickens. Let carts cool upside down.The End

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Hey man. Wondering if you ever got that stuff melted down enough to get out of the bottle. I just bought my first kg and am wondering the same thing you are. How long did you leave it in hot water. I’ve herd of putting it in water in a crock pot but have no experience with it. Get back to me if you are still keeping up with this thread. Thanks

Just boil it in a glass in water until liquid. Is that not possible?

Cannabis distillate, simply put, is a super-concentrated extract created through the process of molecular distillation with cannabis distillation equipment . Cannabis distillates contain high levels of cannabinoids.