Using terps to make vape

Ok, I ordered some fruity pebbles or whatever terps from TB for about 60 bucks. My question is how does one mix the pressed rosin and the terp liquid for vape carts. Complete newbie with making the carts, but read this was an easy way


I think there is a little bit of variance on exact recipe due to differences in consistency of extract and terpene product used. But I think a pretty good starting point is .5ml terpenes to 1 gram of extract. I put both in shot glass and tried to mix up as well possible with syringe. Then placed shot glass into pan with about 1/2" of warm water on low heat and stirred until completely liquefied. Then removed and let cool. A lot of instructions I found said to place in boiling water, but I didn’t find the need to be that hot.

Make sure to allow carts some time to rest after you fill them. Then you just have to see how they draw and potentially adjust recipe as desired.


@dbrn32 Are you using the Diluent to liquify the rosin?


That’s correct


Do you need any other ingredients to make it vapable. I just got a rosin press and want to make vape cartridges.

The first thing to do is put your your rosin into a vial and decarb it, once it stops bubbling then your ready, add your terps
@SilvaBack203 has had more experience with this part with me successfully I belive he said 0.02ml per gram (is that right?)

Draw it up with your blunt and mix it around with the blunt.
Draw it up and inject it into the vape cart.
Allow it to sit overnight, this allows the cool to get soaked. Don’t use it before because you can burn the coil and that will give you a burnt taste for the life of the cool, it also won’t work very well.

@dbrn32 I also heard 0.5ml per gram and personally found that way way to much flavour

@SilvaBack203 how liquid do you make your rosin for your carts?

It’s hard to know how thick it can be (when it cools) and still work. Putting it into the cart is so messy if your trying to take it back out and re adjust it that’s where I got frustrated after 4 attempts lol.

I use a toaster over to do my decarb and mixing.


I use 1g of rosin to .02ml of terpenes. I found that’s the best taste everything else tasted to scented if it makes any sense.

I use the glass containers that I store my rosin to mix and heat it up. I heat it on level 2 on my hot top. I let it sit there until it starts to boil. Once I see the bubbles I lower the hot top to 1 and add my terpenes. I mixed it until I see it’s running off my dab tool. I turn it off grab syringe and fill syringe with the liquid. Usually I fill a 1ml and a .5ml. I let it sit in the fridge and use it next morning.

The syringe after I use it I wash it with hot water and it works so far for me


Yes, @dbrn32 how much diluent does one use to make the oil thinner?

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Does it get so thick after setting up a while that you end up stopping it up or sucking oil out the cart?

Your rosin is it dried out so to speak or really sticky when you add it ? You got a pic of the glass mixing container? Lots of questions I know trying to learn it right the first time.

I’m going to make bubble hash and press that as well, could one convert that it into oil somehow?

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? How @Nicky are you using a glass container of some sorts detail the toaster process if you can brother as I’m kinda lost

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I have a flat pan in my toaster over, you can also do this on your rosin plates but I prefer to use toaster oven.

I got these (Canadian amazon)

Once the rosin is in place it on the heat plate or toaster oven and put a shot glass over top of it to trap the terps inside as much as possible.

Once bubbling stops add terps swirl and inject into cart.
Every rosin is different so hopefully after resting over night it will work.

Maybe a better way once one knows the consistency is to let it cool before attempting to inject into cart, however I don’t have the feel for how liquid it has to be yet. That will take practice.

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Yes you can use live rosin 2 turn 2 oil. After I press I cold cure my rosin in the fridge.

Clear Glass Jars with Black Lids…

I use this hot top

Aroma Housewares AHP-303 Single…

I place my rosin in those jars so If I want 2 press I will put 1g in a Har after I press it. Once the jar gets warm the rosin is liquid so let it sit there until it boil which is decarbing.

I put the oil in the syringe while still warm and straight to the cartridge
No the oil do not come thru the vape I really love it better than dispensary.

I found these 2 be the best 1s in my opinion it hits so smooth and taste amazing.

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Hash rosin is the best much better then flower rosin.

Infact all my rosin is now hash rosin, make your bubble hash and freeze it.
24hr later put it in a little sifter and shake it over a pizza box lined with parchment paper.

You can air cure it like I have always done or you can cure it in the fridge Wich is much more ideal but you’ll need a spare fridge or the wife will kill you (yeah trust me)


Rolmao!!! Yeah it’s my ol lady wanting the carts. How you turning the dried sifted hash into oil @Nicky ? This is gonna be a good thread to learn from, thanks.

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You press it in a rosin press to make hash rosin.

I Geuss if you had a source turbo you could turn it a solvent Concentrate (would be better for carts but solvents yuck) then you heat it up and decarb it and add terps then inject into carts.

If I wanted to please my girl ide get a source turbo but it’s expensive and I have a rosin press and solvents are not ideal long term usage yuk.
So Im gojng to try and make rosin work.

Getting carts with big holes in them would help or I the ones listed above.

My struggle is finding carts without paying a ton since I’m in Canada.


Is decarbing necessary? Just wondering cuz it’s gonna be vaped not eaten, so why decarb?


I ordered the diluent Nicky have you tried that yet?

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Hope this helps answer your question.
Why we decarb the rosin,D abbing uses higher temperatures, where vaping uses very low amounts of heat. The heat from vaping isn’t enough to decarb it, just enough to turn the oil into a mist you can inhale.


So if you filled a cartridge with your dabs without decarbing it will turn into a vapor you can inhale but wont get you high? Crazy… Ive only filled carts with distillate thats already decarbed when it reaches my hands. Thanks that was helpful, I had no idea.


Pretty much because the main properties that get you high wasn’t activated yet due so it’s just vapor