How to make vape juice from THC distillate


I just bought some THC distillate, it says 95 % pure and i think it is. Problem is its is too thick, just like hair stripping wax.

What recipe do you people use?

Im tyring 1ml Vg, 2ml pg, 1 Gram distillate. The distillate just separates its very frustrating. lol

I don’t use VG or PG anymore. They always seemed to separate or even leak in my carts.

If you can get some diluent, I mix diluent and my concentrate and use a lighter to melt the concentrate into the diluent. Stir and extract with a syringe to refill cartridges.

A little does go a long way. You can also get flavored terpenes to change the flavor profile of the carts - but I’d use unflavored just to thin down an existing concentrate.


What is your recipe ? 1 to 1 ( THC to Dillutant )?


I don’t have a precise recipe. I have a 15mL glass tube and I usually add a gram of wax with 2-3 drops of diluent. Then stir stir stir with a lighter flame and if it’s still too thick, another 1-2 drops, rinse and repeat til it’s the consistency you’d like.

I find it hard to believe brother, but i believe none the less, just 2-3 drops is enough for thinning 1 gram of THC (Sticky and thick AF) distillate.

Thanks alot man, i wasted 2gs of precious distillate doing these experiments and i haven’t got a good hit off yet.

3 ways i see to consume it effectively:

  1. Orally, with MCT
  2. Vape it ( Of course you have to make your own vape )
  3. Use a dab rig.

I tried to smoke it in a bowl, but direct flame just burns the oil like a torch and has a very harsh hit. It doesn’t even get me that high.

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I know there is a video on YouTube on how to make vape juice with thc they used 120ml of vape base and they used 7 grams of decarbed flower they put the vape base into a jar and they put the bud inside the jar then they put the jar in to a hot water in a double boiler and they let it go for two hours then they put it through a coffee filter and pur it in a bottle how good this wat is i dont know but its worth giving it a try .i might try it myself actually

Brother im working with THC distillate. Not buds

How To Make A CBD E-Cig Vape Juice From Scratch - YouTube its the same for what ur using brother have a look at this ad there are many videos on YouTube about using distillate this may help you but definitely look at you tube

Brother, i succeeded in made a vape-able THC e-juice. The trick was using only PG!

The distillate easily dissolves and is showing no signs of separation yet at room temperature. ( 28 Degrees Celsius)

I’ve tried the following combinations in both, 0.8 ohm pods, 1.2 ohm pods. Using the Vaperesso Nano:

  1. Only PG ( To test whether its PG that’s giving me the throat hit )
  2. 0.15g of 90% pure THC distillate and 0.85g of PG. ( Around 14% THC per pod )

Thing is i’ve come to the conclusion that THC distillate is the ingredient which is producing the harshest ever throat hit of vapes i’ve tried. The vapor goes in and when i exhale i can taste the THC distillate vapors sticking in my throat and mouth, then comes the little spicy taste along with the burning sensation in the upper portion of my throat and mouth.

I mean i’m not surprised i orally ingested some of the THC distillate and it had the same burning sensation.

What i trying to ask is does all THC distillate produce harsh vapor and how can we make this an enjoyable vaping experience. ( Something that people would buy )

Should i?

  1. Change my vape equipment to this ( Traveler Extreme XL Full Ceramic - Disposable Vape Pen - O2VAPE)
  2. Add flavors etc.
  3. Use other brands (USATerps etc.)

I find it odd that the distillate would be harsh or create a burning sensation. It should, in theory, be almost pure THC.

As far as for a vape, the method above is what I’ve used. I avoid PG because there’s been enough fuss about whether or not it’s harmful that I pass it into “if I can avoid it I will” territory. Consequently I have only ever used the diluent and companion liquid terpenes. I think the terpenes create a good flavor that makes it saleable.

Re: harshness - having the wrong setting on my vape is almost always what causes my smoke to suck. I don’t have a very sophisticated vape - like a $20 one from the internet about 4 years ago - but it does have resistance levels, couldn’t tell you the real range but I vaguely think it’s 0.7 to 2.4 or something like that. Mine lives on the lowest resistance, also not particularly sophisticated in the science behind ohms so I don’t have a good idea why less resistance makes for smoother hits.

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Less resistance = More power to coil

Which means it heats up faster, vaporising the liquid faster and hotter.

In theory this should actually produce harsher vapor.

Yesterday was the 2nd time i tried the THC / PG blend liquid and holy shit. Is it harsh on the lungs.

The high is weird also, doesnt last long and doesnt have that euphoria that smoking a jay gives you. Ill keep playing a little with the recipes but i dont think THC vaping is it for me.

Btw have you ever worked with distillate?

No, I use QWET for my vape creations. It’s waxy and dark - essentially THC earwax. Theoretically the same principal as distillate, just a bit less pure. More like 75-85% THC instead of 90-95% THC. that’s why I only use diluent, rather than VG or PG. I don’t know if it’s the wax consistency of the QWET or what but it doesn’t play well with VG and PG together.

I wonder if the hotter faster allows it to not burn as much byproduct - I prefer short hits to a long drag like a joint, so that tracks with less resistance → more heat quicker → easier to take a 1 second pull and still get something out of it.

Have you considered using the diluent instead of PG?

I’m thinking, to give the diluent a go but i donot have high hopes, for the throat hit, i think the higher the THC content, the harsher the vape.

Ill use disposable vapes with it too this time, with different features. ( Ceramic coil, 3.7 Volts )
Lets see what happens. People say RSO ( Rick Simpson oil ) is stronger because it has more of the minor cannabinoids and is more closer to the marijuana bud in comparison. Also RSO is aka QWET i think?

Final note, i just want a vape that’s stronger and doesn’t burn up my lungs.

Recipe for future use:

  1. Full Spectrum CBD extract
  2. THC Distillate
  3. PG
  4. Terpenes ( Cannabis derived )

That’s the closest to buds i think i can go. The ratios ill have to experiment with. Personal experience i’ve found CBD isolate vape to be more fun than THC distillate.

Yeah. Same thing sorta. I think RSO is usually where the QWET has been shaken to hell and back so there are more plant lipids and waxes than otherwise. Usually QWET is fast, extremely cold, and takes a quick but violent shake. I get much more RSO-like extract if I really beat it up, and more of a clean, less-green extract by keeping the shaking to a minimum and keeping everything extremely cold. So I guess to my mind, same ingredients, same methods, different procedure.

That’s the trick. @Nicky may be able to help when he has a moment. I think he’s played with vapes some.

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Don’t use PG or VG, terrible stuff. Instead you can use a cannabinoid darived diluting agent from whoever you can find cannabis derived terpenes. Avoid not cannabis derived terpenes.

Basically Mixing a concentrate with terps, then finding the right ratio that will work in the style of cart you have / the type of concentrate you have.

Rosin is terrible for carts, to many waxes and lipids.
Qwet is doable.
A BHO closed loop system is ideal, not cheap though.


Aye aye cap,

This a good idea?

I have the following recipe in mind ( Trying for a fuller experience, not just THC distillate ):

  1. A few drops of liquidizer

  2. 1 g of THC distillate

  3. 0.5g of THC-Free Crystal Resistant Distillate 40-55% CBD; 15-30% minors (CBC, CBG, CBN, CBDv, CBT)

  4. Marijuana derived terpenes from USAterps.

All the above are pharmacy grade products. I’m hoping i can make a manageable vape liquid with the above ratios of liquidizers and concentrates.

Or maybe ill play with the ratios,

  1. 0.5g of THC distillate
  2. 0.5g of THC-Free Crystal Resistant Distillate 40-55% CBD; 15-30% minors (CBC, CBG, CBN, CBDv, CBT)
  3. Few drops of liquidizer ( just to make it flow)
  4. A drop or two of terpenes

What do you think brother?

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Ok so Im late on this, but just saw and thought I’d throw my two cents in. For background, I make my own vape juice (nicotine), I make vape coils, vape wire, and I also happen to know a couple things on dabbing. First off, if you want to go from straight distillate to vape-able juice as easily and most potent possible you’ll be sacrificing things. This is just the way I do it because I like it decently strong. It all starts with the consistency of your thc material. Let’s just say you have some pretty potent and pure THC distillate. It will be thick, so depending on thickness, you’ll have to thin it out. People debate on how to do this… I use pg. If you really don’t want to use pg, then you don’t have to. But, I like the way it thins out and vapes in the end. Easiest way to combine the mix is to slowly add the pg to your distillate, but warm up the distillate first. I use hot water, double boiler, anything to gently warm up the distillate but not remove any good stuff. It will mix easier. Once you reach your desired consistency you’re pretty much good to go, just know it will thicken once it cools a bit but it shouldn’t be too hot to begin with. There’s plenty of things you can add… terps, flavorings, other concentrates(that are vape-able). Or you just just vape the straight distillate and pg mix. This is just the easiest way to turn distillate or dabs that are thick into a vape-able solution. If your using just a normal pre-built coil pod system, you want it to be pretty thin so that the cotton in the coil will absorb the liquid. If you make custom coils and such… There’s a lot more you can do. If somebody’s interested I can go into what I do to make the best THC vape experience with a standard vape mod and rda/rta, but there’s a lot to it. I’ll just say that I like my end product to be potent, yet not feel like my throat just got napalmed. Also, to clarify, I started by making my vape juice with nicotine when I got into vaping to get off cigs. I found out I could save a lot of money if I just bought supplies to make juice, coils, etc. so I did. It became a hobby, and I also enjoy the effects of marijuana. When I got into dabbing, my first thought was, “I can put this in my vape juice”. So, after some experimenting and a few grams, I had made a successful blend. Couple years later and I like to think I’ve perfected that blend to my liking. Also, if you’re really worried about the hit (taste, throat hit, etc.) then you need to be using custom coils in an rda or rta, instead of a pre-built coil in a pod system. It doesn’t matter if your thc vape juice is perfect if you’re vaping it with a crappy coil, system, pod, device… If you really care about the product you’re vaping, then there are ways to do it in the best, cheapest way possible. Or just go buy a cart and save some trouble. Side note, if you’re just using dabs in general… Rule of thumb is if you think it needs to be thinner, it probably should be. Don’t waste your concentrate by trying to vape a juice that’s too thick. Also to save concentrate, make very small batches at first. If you just warm up a small dab into 5-10ml of vape juice, it’s possible to vape it. Depending on your concentrate consistency. Remember if you want a less potent product, it makes things a lot easier. If you’re in a cold climate, you’ll need a thinner juice. If your super picky, you’ll need to get into wire material, coil-building, and a little knowledge of electricity and how batteries work. It’s actually pretty interesting.

Have you got a ratio that you use for the thc distillate and pg?

I have got THC distillate and I want to mix it with PG and some terps for flavour.
Can anyone recommend what ratio I should be going at with the THC distillate, PG and terpenes?

Thanks guys.

I am going to be using disposable vapes to smoke it.