Recipes & how to make ( vape - oils - edibles - wax - shatter-RSO ) lets all share are ways and recipes

Thought it would be nice if we could all share some of our favorites


Nice :+1: great idea I’ve been wondering about diy vape juice recipes
Hope the peeps have a few good ones for us . I’m definitely following this one :point_up: :v::ok_hand::grinning:


I have other oils I make but I wish I could make vape hope a lot of people participate love to see what we all do


I’m interested in seeing some ‘‘how to’’!

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Yes, i’m curious too :innocent::ear::+1:there’s a lot of different way to make transform cannabis, some more secure than other’s :mask::bomb:

I’m more on the safe side…:wink::innocent: I make canna: oil, butter and milk following the instructions of this link:

With the products, I make home made brownies, cookies, smooties, cheese and all kind of goodies :wink::innocent::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice I have recipes for bubble hash I know how to make shatter RSO oil hash with the Kief I also press fresh bud and get the fresh oil out have not had the best luck on a high Potent butter good at making some honey in the coconut oil


To make vape juice you need propylene glycol (type of alcohol) and you’ll need good grade vegitable glycerin I think it’s 6 grams of product for every once or 2 of that glycerin and glycol, you can make stronger your choice I’ll find the recipe for it and put it up here


@Majiktoker if you have the time can you post a lint of what you would recommend to buy or does it matter I’m sure as long as it’s vegetable grade I thin

Yes @Hogmaster, as soon as i have a moment of be happy to, personally it doesn’t matter as long as it’s propylene glycol and vegitable glycerin ( food grade I’ll be sure to post up the kinds such as if there are any specific kinds) can’t promise itll be today though

@Majiktoker no just anytime it’s convenient for you I really appreciate it but I’m in no hurry it’s all good just if you have time that’s super awesome thank you

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@tee3737 and I were talking about vape juice the other night and he pointed me to an interesting company. I won’t go into great detail but it is a ready to make kit that is really easy.

farmtovape dot com

The also have several how to videos on you tube: search farm to vape.


Again my pleasure will buddy I’ll have it up by tomorrow for sure

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Thanks @bob31

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@Majiktoker For some reason amount of likes otherwise I would like it thanks again

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My pleasure and limited to your user level or trust level on of the 2 me and others had a long conversation about it in another thread, you’ll have them back soon

Yeah I read some of it hell I’ve been able to get 1020 30 likes every day now I’m down to two or three if I’m lucky every three or four hours


They’ll be back lol, but that’s weird

This will be an interesting thread for sure. Have you seen the recent hash thread? If not I will link it for you.

@Paranorman has got it dialed in here.


Click on both pictures this is some bubble hash I made the other day


Sweet. Btw I got up this morning. Read a few posts went to click like and it popped up the message that I was out for 5 hours. I’m not sure I understand but my guess is 24 hour reset? I dunno…