THC carts/pods dilution/mixing. ( How to !)

Brother, i succeeded in made a vape-able THC e-juice. The trick was using only PG!

The distillate easily dissolves and is showing no signs of separation yet at room temperature. ( 28 Degrees Celsius)

I’ve tried the following combinations in both, 0.8 ohm pods, 1.2 ohm pods. Using the Vaperesso Nano:

  1. Only PG ( To test whether its PG that’s giving me the throat hit )
  2. 0.15g of 90% pure THC distillate and 0.85g of PG. ( Around 14% THC per pod )

Thing is i’ve come to the conclusion that THC distillate is the ingredient which is producing the harshest ever throat hit of vapes i’ve tried. The vapor goes in and when i exhale i can taste the THC distillate vapors sticking in my throat and mouth, then comes the little spicy taste along with the burning sensation in the upper portion of my throat and mouth.

I mean i’m not surprised i orally ingested some of the THC distillate and it had the same burning sensation.

What i trying to ask is does all THC distillate produce harsh vapor and how can we make this an enjoyable vaping experience. ( Something that people would buy )

Should i?

  1. Change my vape equipment to this ( Traveler Extreme XL Full Ceramic - Disposable Vape Pen - O2VAPE)
  2. Add flavors etc.
  3. Use other brands (USATerps etc.)

The THC distillate is from Canada, i think it’s as pure as can be.

In my personal opinion, and ive tried thc vapes from d8 all the way to juice made directly from the flower of a camnabis plant. None of them will ever compare to actually smoking or eat edibles. If you are looking for a more potent way to intake cannabis. Try hash, dry crumble or shatter.

I personally reserve my pens for public use, where smelling like a skunks ass isn’t acceptable.

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Yea, i guess vapes only look good on paper, but ive just started out.

So harsh and the high isnt great. Comes on fast, goes down fast. Maybe more suited to people who want to get a little high for a little while.

I think its better to just consume orally.

Have you tried live rosin in vapes? The full spectrum extracts, i guessing they should be better than distillates ( cause they everything from the bud )

Ive tried them. The only thing i find better about them is they tend tp have a more pot like flavor. However to get a true live resin cart around here you have to goto a dispensary. Everything i find on the streets is black market garbage. I would love to see a company develope a better vaping thc product.

Even the stuff from Canadian pharmacies?