So for those of you who make bubble hash

Can you offer any advice on it
I’m thinking of giving it a try and am looking for any tips tricks or hacks you may have for running my first batch it will be small scale using one gallon bags


I use gallon bubble bags and dry ice when I make hash. The wet method with regular ice is messy and a PITA imho. It helps to freeze your flower before you begin the process. The low temps makes the trichomes more brittle and it’s therefore easier to separate trichomes from the plant material.


I’ve never made bubble with dry ice , not even sure of the process but if you eliminate the water is it still bubble hash? Ive made keif with frozen weed in a meat bag shaken in a tote , is that basically your dry ice process ? As for hacks in bubble making… (1) grind the weed or crush the frozen trim leaf (2) Freeze the ground weed before processing. (3) If you thoroughly rinse the trichomes that are collected the color will wash out to a tan color and a consistent hash flavor, the less its rinsed the more taste of the weed remains and the hash is greener (4) make sure to dry your bubble hash thoroughly. Trapped moisture can cause it to mold. I like making it in winter . It works best the colder you run the process…good luck…the effort is well worth it…Happy Hash Making


For dry ice:

73 micron bag is all you use.

Break flower up by hand (don’t grind) and freeze.

Put dry ice in bag and throw some coins in to help agitate flower.

Shake over a smooth surface like a mirror. I have a piece of cheap window glass.

Scrape up shake with a pastry scraper or credit card and repeat shaking. Stop when the shake starts to develop a green tint.

Smoke a sample.


Good directions man. Let me add that can get dusty. I have a sheet with raised edges. Dont shake from elevation. You will regret it. Keep it kinda close to the surface. Enjoy. Great hash.


And about 100x easier than bubble…no need to dry…I have a little trouble getting it to form into a cake…any tricks to that ? @MidwestGuy @Storm @Myfriendis410 Is the return equivalent?


Age makes mine cake. Stuff in a small rosin container. Let it sit couple weeks. Bingo. Breaks off just like the stuff we used to buy way back. Have never used wet method so cant compare. I start fine mesh. Then larger. Then 1 more up which is green. 3 grades. Green stuff ends up with my oils.


Bubble hash can be an amazing thing if done correct.
Step number one is always get the supplies.

Water source. ‘Cold’
Agitation unit. (Machine or by hand)
Bubble bags.
Product. (Cannabis)
25u pressing screen.
Spoon & butter knife

Remember: You can’t start with grade C product a get grade A hash.

The next important thing you want to figure out is your soak and spin times. These very from person to person. This is what I have learned works best or me.

Fill the unit with the amount on product you want to wash. I fill the washer about half full. This allows room for a good amount of ice and water to be added. You want the product to be able to spin in a vortex motion. This is what will transport all the resin heads.

Time or the re-hydration process. Weird yes but very important.
Put a thick layer of ice over the product. This will help keep it submerged for now. Next fill the unit with ice cold water.
Let the product soak for about 30 minutes. This will allow the product to get down to feezing temps.
(You want the resin heads to be brittle and break off easily with very little agitation)

While the product is soaking take a look at your spin times. I wash each batch six times. Run number 2,3,4 seem to be the money batches :upside_down_face:

Once the re-hydration soak is complete it’s time to start washing. The first wash is the shortest o the six at 3:30 minutes. This is followed by a 5 minute rest period.
So turn the unit on agitation (not spin) for 3:30 minute. Always making sure the product is submerged in the slurry ice water mix. You want it to spin in a vortex motion. This spinning is what snaps off the resin heads and will allow them to be pulled to the bottom.

Once you have washed it for the correct amount of time turn the unit off and let everything settle for five minutes.
Now it’s time to empty the slurry of water. Open the drain valve and let the mixture drain through the bubble bags. I use a 220u —> 120u —> 73u.

The 220u is the first bag the water hits. This is the work bag. This is considered the work bag. You will not collect any hash from here. You will get some material from the unit on this screen. I simply put it back into the machine.
The second bag in line is the 120u. This is great or infusing joints or topping bowls.
The 73u is the product I prefer. Great rom making temple balls.

I made a system out of five gallon buckets that holds the bags about 4 inches off one another. This allows or quicker draining as the bags do not touch one another.

Once the water is drained out of the unit I close the drain valve. I fill the washer back up with water and ice and start the second wash. This time increasing the time slightly.

Now that the unit is washing again I can start to collect the product from the first wash.

I separate each bag buy pulling the five gallon buckets apart. I like to wash the product a second time by hand. This will wash out any little imperfections (plant material)

Let the product drip dry for a few minutes. Once most of the water is drained I pull the screen tight on top of the bucket. Kinda like a drum. This allows me to take a cold spoon and scrape the product off the screen.
I set the product on a small 25u clean screen. This is where I will collect all the finished product. Keeping the ‘two’ grades separated.

Thats run number 1. Solid work!

Repeat this another five times and boom, your first batch of bubble is done!! :v:

Once I have collected all six runs I will take the butter knife and chop the hash up real small. No micro planing here. Lol. Alittle chunky is I funky sometimes :upside_down_face:

I then set it in a dark room in the house or 7-14 days to allow it to naturally air dry.
It will oxidize over time and turn a darker black color. This is 100% fine.

Wow! Wait, where did the 25u bubble come from? Well you know all that greenish water you dumped out of the washer that collected in the tub at the bottom… well I go one step further and dump that in a larger 25u 35 gallon mesh bag. I save this product for cooking. I infuse butters and oils ect.

Once the bubble has completely been air dried it’s time to smoke the goodness. My preferred method is to simply put it on bowls. You know what they say, if it don’t bubble it ain’t worth the trouble.

(Bubble hash will degrade over time)

But wait…

Once the product is dried you can go one step further and turn it into temple balls. This requires you to basically heat the product up and knead it together. Decarboxylation is the name o the game now. But hey, that’s for another day

(Temple balls age over time and slightly get better)

I hope this helped clear up some areas o processing your product. Bubble hash is one of the cleanest and purest ways to process your product. 100% natural from start to finish.

Happy hashing… :owl: :evergreen_tree: :sun_with_face: :v: :upside_down_face: :man_farmer:


@Smokesdaily I hope this helped alittle. If you need any steps broken down even more just let me know. :v:


Thank you Runner, couldn’t explain it the way you did . Happy Hash Making


Way too much work for us lazy folk.


Awesome break down thank you for this!


Thank you very much for posting that!

I will be making hash in a week or so… Waiting on 3 plants to finish.

Do you eat or smoke the temple balls?


We smoke em.


Thank you i will give it a thorough read through


Again I appreciate your tutorial… Just bought the machine with the machine bag… Have a set of 5 gallon bags already… Cannot wait!


I found better results not using the bag that the product goes in and goes in the machine. I like oh ting the cannabis straight into the washer.
The one you speak o is a 220u the same as the 220u that most sets come with.


You make Frenchy proud :v:t3: RIP Frenchy Cannoli :v:t3:


Much love to the one and only. Hash on :v:


I need to do a hash run! I don’t have any trim right now, so might have to sacrifice some stash. I’ve tried dry sift and man nothing is easier. But it’s not bubble hash… Just something about full melt bubble :bubbles: :drooling_face: I did do a couple dry sift runs. when dry ice was more available, it came out super even after aging awhile it remained nice and pliable! “Temple balls”