Ice wax / bubble hash?

So I’ve been reading up on ice wax which I have found through my friend give me a dab. Definitely the best taste I have ever experienced.
I understand the basics of the process but had a few more questions.
Does the flower need to be fully cured or dried before I make this hash?
Also how do I know good quality bags? My local hydro store is having a sale this weekend and they have their own extraction bags. It’s a total of 8 bags with the right micron sizes. They selling them for like 60-80 bucks I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Thank you any advice helps!!

The price seems about in line with some online sources.

You can get a set much ,much cheaper Like $20 from amazon 8 bags is a waste you will only use 3 at most . And you should look into dry ice method((WARNING!!! you do not use any water in dry ice method It can cause an explosion and do not keep in sealed environment also can cause burns if you touch it with bare skin) you get a lot bigger return of trichomes and unless your going to process 1/4 lbs of product at a time don’t get 5 gal bags their big and hard to manage I have… Growsun 1-Gallon 4 Bags Herbal Ice Bubble Hash Bag Essence Extractor Kit with Pressing Screen and Storage Bag they work great .I,ve only used dryish cured weed but have read that if your using dry ice wetter weed is ok. Youtube is loaded with vids about hash making. start with the finest mesh first 63 micron and once the yield of trichomes slows down scrape that into a pile it should be tanish in color ( i do over a mirror and scrape with razor blade ) and go to next size up you can do this as may sizes as you want but above 128 microns you will notice it getting green due to leaf in mix hope this helps feel free to ask me any questions.