Small white spots on leaves


Welcome to the community @ecnerwal. Great bunch here and very knowledgeable. That does look a bit like spider mite damage. If it is you will see them on the underside of the leaf. Tiny black or red dots easier seen with a loupe, microscope or decent phone camera :sunglasses:

what should i use on the plants?

You need to make sure it is mites first of all. Need to get a close up of the underside of those leaves. Use @ in front of a user name will get someone’s attention like @ecnerwal

Thanks Davyg , yes there are mites on the bottom side of the leaves.

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Many Thanks for the info. Sprayed with neem oil so I will wait and see……

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No worries, peppermint oil mixed with liquid dish soap works as well. Need to spray every 2 days to break the breeding cycle as they reproduce every 3 days. Good luck :sunglasses: