Tiny white dots all over leaves

I’m starting to see tiny white dots all over old growth/lower leaves of new plants. Anyone know what the cause of this could be? Ty!


Looks like you got spider mites. You’re in veg so you can hit your plants with neem oil


I just went through a war with those little suckers! Hope you conquer them.


Wrut row!


I looked under leaves n didn’t see anything. Then I put on my trichome lens n saw these. Is it spider mites? I thought they were round?
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i had spider mites. looked exactly like this. @BobbyDigital is right nuke em now!

Sadly those are spider mites. Captain Dead Bug will help with this problem. I don’t know if you can use Neem Oil. Bobby said you can use Neem oil since you are in Veg mode.

I saw those on bottom of leaves. Maybe larvae. I found these on top of leaves

I have some AzaMax. Supposed to kill in multiple different ways n can spray up to day of harvest. Anyone have good success with this as well? Or should I spray neem oil too?

Yep you got ‘em.

Buggers hit me three weeks into flower. Spent hours searching the forum and internet. I was trying to avoid the heavy hitters.

So here’s what I did.

Removed and bagged the leaves with the white dots.

Started a twice a day three day rotation of different oils.

Each was 1/4 teaspoon in a spray bottle with a teaspoon of Dr. Bonners Castile soap. Spray and make sure to get the bottom of the leaves, stems, and I even did the whole inside of the tent. So far I’ve gone through Rosemary, Pine, tea tree oil and now on peppermint. Next will be the famous @Ning -acide. Other remedies I found were clove, cinnamon and chrysanthemum oils. Also there were recipes for making teas from dry herbs for sprays.

I also released couple hundred lady bugs in the tent. They munched away for a day and now only a couple are left. They either escaped or our resident spider took them out.

I won’t say the battle is over but I have not see any more leaf damage or little critters.

I’ll let you know what the family says about flavor after harvest and cure.

Power up!