Need HELP! Leaf problems!

Could someone please tell me what’s wrong with my plant, I’ve done as much research as possible and I feel like it’s Spider Mites but I can never find any!
Thank you to everyone who responds in advance!

Sure does look like it. How are you looking for them?

Magnifying glass at the nodes, under the leaves, flash light under leaf to see if I see movement as well. I’ve been using a neem oil based insecticide for organic gardening but it doesn’t seem to be helping. What other options do I have?

Get yourself some de and top dress. Should help

If you’re using neem you may have killed them. The damage will remain. Do you still see it spreading?

Did the picture change? Not seeing the same damage as I did before

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Yes I changed the picture to a different plant with a more visible depiction. I’m seeing this spread up to a couple of small areas on my top leaves, not bad. I can post an updated picture in about an hour if you’ll still be up? Is your diagnosis still the same based off the changed pic?

I would add the other picture. That one looked as typical mite damage. The new pic looks more like damage from wind or manipulation

I’ll send an updated pic in about 30 minutes. Thanks btw, newbie here.

First one looks good. Looks like some dirt/nutrient splash on some of the leaves

Second one looks like mite or thrip damage.

Third one looks similar to second but is a little more blurred

What about this? Wind burn?

And how would you suggest getting rid of the thripes, that appears to be a controversial topic. Water and alcohol? I feel like that would completely melt the leaves away.
I cut off the dead parts of the leaves since they are no longer useful, just waste nutrients and energy, correct?

Your plant is young enough for neem oil. It’s safe and your plant is really spread out so it should be easy to get everything. Get the soil as well. I wouldn’t cut any leaves. You don’t really have a lot of them. As long as there’s green on them they’re useful.

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