Need help identifying leaf issue

Not sure what(if anything) is going on with my plant. Ist time grower, were given seedlings from a friend (unknown strain). Started seeing spots on leaf. Can
someone help me?

Looks like insect damage.

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What kind of insect? There are no holes and nothing on underside of the leaf

Some kind of leaf miner. Try Neem oil in veg and Capn’ Jack’s Dead bug all the time.

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Ok thanks will do

That is what Spidermite damage looks like, not sayin thats the culprit, but textbook crime scene. Look on the back of the leaves with a loupe, they are tiny, point of a pin tiny.

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Ok thanks

Could also possibly be thrips check for elongated translucent brown and white or just white little bugs on the undersides of the leaves

My opinion you’d see tiny webs filled with little dots by now if that was spider mites

Ok thank you all your feedback