I’m done help bugs

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I think one pic didn’t finish uploading but the other pic tell a tale.

Wow where to begin? I don’t actually see any pests.
Have you seen them and if so where? What did they look like? Can you get a pic of pests?

I would inspect closely especially under leaves perhaps with a magnifying glass/scope… obviously dont burn plant or your eyes when looking.

I’m not great at growing by any means, and personally never had pests other than the occasional gnat, but you definitely need to determine if it’s pests or something else (fungus/white powdery mildew/etc)

Hopefully someone here will know exactly what it is and can guide you better

Edit: I just saw you posted it’s thripes(?)

I am pretty sure most here use captain jacks dead bug spray if you’re sure that’s the problem

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The spotting on the leaves makes me think spider mites. Do you have a microscope or a jeweler’s loupe to examine the underside of the leaves? If it is spider mites and they’re already at the top of the plant, you don’t have much time to lose.


Bottom picture in middle of leaf about two inches up ,I can see a thrip. :face_with_monocle:

Spider mite infestation @Rlw5017 sorry to see that look with magnifying glass all the white dots on leaves is signs of them have you seen any webbing around edges of buds and around the base of plant