Small AF plants, VS lighting

so i just discovered that amnesia haze AF and blueberry AF grow to about 2 feet tall. how wide or bushy do they get? i do not plan to crop them, or prune them at all unless necessary.

tent: 8ft X 8ft X 6.5ft
lights: mars hydro TS1000
lighting schedule: 16 on, 8 off
medium: scotts topsoil blend + vermiculite
container: 5 gallon buckets
climate zone: hot & humid (east texas)
nutes: foxfarm soil trio

seems like just a couple plants so small in a tent so big would be a waste of space and light. so the question is, how many of these small autoflowering plants can i fit under each light, to maximize space and light?

this is my first grow is why i chose AF strains, so i can get a handle on what its like to grow and also to guarantee success.

TIA for answers and replies

You would have been better suited to grow photos. Autos are unforgiving. This is a blueberry auto grown natural and one topped. Neither took up more than 1.5x1.5 space

which one is which?

so you figure i can put 4 plants under each light?

These are AHA when harvested. The knob is 32" off floor. The two of them are about 36" wide. I have a 3x3 and grew 4 of them in 3 gallon pots. The one on the left got very tall so I put it in a tomato cage and bent it as much as I could.

These are two BBA. Great grow, easy plant, nice buds. They are stout and compact no more than 24".

[quote=“fungusamongus83, post:1, topic:47514”]
seems like just a couple plants so small in a tent so big would be a waste of space and light.
[/quote] That is a lot of space - just use a corner but it will be inefficient because you lose the benefit of the reflective walls. Also the TS1000 is WAY underpowered. The plants pictured grew in a 3x3 with 320 actual watts. This is more than 2x was the mars hydro TS1000 power. In fact I have added another 160 watts for my current grow. You can probably grow 2 plants with that light and will probably be disappointed with the results. Mars says it will cover 2.5x2.5 feet.
It all depends on what you are trying to do. Fill and 8x8 - more plants, much better and way more lighting and environmental controls.
If you want to grow 2,3 or 4 plants down size the tent and still upgrade the light.

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@BobbyDigital you sleep like I do. Huge difference in our blueberries. A buddy sent me pictures of one over 4’ , didn’t flower, had the finish it like a photo. I have switched to photos having started with autos.


i decided on this tent because it was a good deal, and i figured that as i got better at growing and had more money for more lights in the future, i would be able to sustain more plants, larger plants. i decided on the TS1000 because all the research i did said this light was “good enough” and was also within my budget. since i am new to this i am not worried about producing massive yields… just producing SOMETHING, guaranteed… but speaking realistically, i can put 2 little plants under each light?

also, i have a bunch of reflective mylar windshield covers, i can sew together and section off unused areas of the tent… i bought them a long time ago, when i thought to staple them to the walls of a closet to create a little grow room… but then found a great deal on this tent

Bobby and Beard have you covered, may be you could post some pics so others can follow along / understand your setup better…piece out :v:

Top one was topped, bottom was not

I wish I had room for a 8x8 but I out produce our intake in a 3x3 with a separate area for starting / vegging.

I think that would be about it.

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i have not set the tent up yet… there is a hoard in the way… it is slowly disappearing… this is the tent i bought. from the actual seller on ebay. , good seller, i bought several things from them already…