Single Blade Leaves, and tricomes and white hairs!

Greeting Grow Support! I have had some plants outside 3 or 4 weeks, and I’m getting these crazy single fan leaves. I have read that the plants might be confused and trying to Re-Veg. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You

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Your research is correct. They will continue to try to veg until august then flower again.
I don’t put anything out full time till the 1st of June regardless of how nice it is. you can put them outside earlier but you will have to add few hours under a grow light every night to prevent early flowering.

Hi Glitch, and Thank You for the input. So you said they will continue to Veg til August, then re-flower? What about these single leaves? And do I need to do anything to these plants for now?

It will continue to grow 1 and 3 finger leaves. unfortunately the re veg process does have a detrimental effect, but you can still get a decent harvest this fall. I don’t know of anything special to help a re veg. Just let it do its thing and take care of it.

Is it a photo? Why would it be flowering?

There are 4 major events that mark length of day. The two equinox and and the two solstice. The equinox are the two days of the year that we get 12/12 and are the halfway point in the cycle. They take place around the 20th of March and September. The solstice is when the days are at their longest and shortest. June 20th is the longest day of the year at about 15 hr and December 20th is the shortest at about 8 hr. Even though we use 12/12 for flower, most plants will flower with 13 or 14 hours of light. We just use 12 to be certain. So if you put a plant out much before June 1 it will try to flower then when the days get longer in June it will re veg. When the days get shorter in august it will have enough dark time to flower again. Your longitude will also change this slightly. The closer you are to the equator the more equal your days are. At the poles summer days are the longest and winter days are the shortest. The solstice are reversed in the southern hemisphere. Dec 20 would be the long day and June 20 would be the short one. Autoflowers are a product of Cannabis ruderalis which is a species of cannabis that grows so far north that it doesn’t get a traditional light cycle so it had to develop other signals to flower like size and age. Do note the actual dates of the solstice and equinox may be as late as the 23 of the month depending on our current place in the leap year cycle, but 20th is easy for a stoner to remember. Hope that helps you understand @Adt187


I understand the concept of flowering. , but three weeks ago was May 20th, where I live May 20th is like 16 hours of daylight

then I would guess you live at a Higher latitude. I live in New Mexico and today we get 14.5 hours of good light.

@Gl1tch is absolutely on point and taking the time to thoroughly explain vs the quick one liner answers some offer up. :clap::clap::clap:


I just noticed that should be latitude. BRAIN FART! Ty for the kind words @OverallQuill80

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I missed that too but the meaning comes through. I love this forum but brevity often leaves important details out. Thanks for slowing down and making it clearer for everyone interested.

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Now “These” are the type of explanations I’m looking for. Still fairly new at growing, so when I took these plants out from under light, put em outside around April 20th to 23rd. So I can totally understand where if you take them out of 18-20 hours of light, how they could think it’s time to bud. They were already about 2-2 1/2ft tall. I’m just gonna let these girls go, (I hope they are girls) and see what happens. Thank ya for the info, I Super Greatly Appreciate it

They are definitely girls. Males don’t produce hairs or calyxes. Those are the little teardrop things the hairs are coming out of at the nodes.