Freaky single leaves

I had a late freeze, mid JUNE, and had to put the girls inside for a couple of weeks. (Norcal, Sierras, 5,000 ft elev.) They were flowering when I did that, and now it is 90 degrees, they went back into vegetation. I think. But they have these freaky single leaves coming straight out of the new growth. Is this normal, and any ideas what I can do? Will this delay when I can harvest?

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That’s typically what you see when a plant goes into reveg


Ok. Does it have an adverse effect on when the plant will flower? She already has existing buds which went dormant.

(sorry, not a good pic)

It’ll probably stall out for a few weeks until it fully returns to veg. It’ll flower again when the dark period gets close to 12hr darkness.


Ok. I appreciate the help.