Should I Trim, SCROG, or Both?

I’m about to day 21 of flower. What should I do next? I’m planning to set up a SCROG to make an even canopy. Should I trim it first? If so how much should I trim? Just the stuff that won’t see light? All of the lower stuff? How much of the fan leave should I remove? I read in one place that they only leave 3 nodes at the end of each branch. I know that there are a lot of opinions on the subject so I’m just looking for some guidance.

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Leave a little more than that but a very heavy defoliation you should have already cleand up bottom 3rd right before flip

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I barely touch my plants pre flip, except current one with clips. But the moment the light comes on after dark period for flip I do extreme lst. They are to preoccupied with their flower stretch at this point to be concerned with bends you cause.
You are past this stretch.

I had to trim tonight because of my available free time. I ended up taking off quite a bit. I hope that I don’t regret it…


So you trim right after you flip?

That is a nice defoliation :+1: great job

No. I trim 3 weeks after crowns. I do my heaviest LST right at lights on of flip. Low stress training.

I always train them into the net and thenwhen I flip I continue to train through the net until the stretches done then you will have a nice flat canopy so all buds receive good lighting keep the bottom third bair so all the energy will go to the top

Hello and welcome
From my experience you might be to late to scrog.
You are definitely in flower and if you start bending and twisting you can harm the plant.
But you can give it a nice defoliation.
I would lollipop her and remove any fan leave that is bigger than your palm.
Good luck and happy growing