Shockingly cold!

Tonight is forecast to be 35f. I am going to place this plant outdoors and then chop in the AM.

WWA 13 weeks from sprout.



At cold temperatures trichomes become brittle and break off. Cold shock is done by putting ice at the stem / roots. Bubble bag hash used ice water to separate trichomes for the plant. Same with dry ice shake.


Thanks @beardless .
You’ve got me thinking and I’m gonna change my strategy. You may have unwittingly solved a slight mystery.
Guess that is why you got named VMOTM. :wink:

I left a couple purple haze in the garden. They were cloned and didn’t get outside until 9/5. I wanted to see how they grew and flowered this late in the season. They grew some buds and were cute. But not worth harvesting. This past week we have had hard freezes overnight. Checked them yesterday. Still upright. Take the cold well but they lost what ever sparkle they had. Rain or wind must have knocked them off.
Good luck with the harvest


My last harvest was put out in the cold as I was planning on doing with this one. Not this cold but close. It seems to be just a little “less” ummm…everything.
I didn’t connect the dots until you chimed in.
I was treating it like other crops that may get “sweeter” after a cold snap, that don’t have delicate trichs that need special treatment.


I would leave it in side