Seeds at the end of the game

First 2 Jack Herer autos that went great until the last 2 weeks when seeds started showing up. When I trimmed I found they were everywhere, on every branch out, 2 seeds. Pain the Axx to remove but the pot was (is) good. I do not understand it though. Why? [PXL_20220415_141823490]

Probably a hermie if you have more than 8 or 10 seeds. Flowering plants produce nanners when they hermie. They look like little yellow banana shaped pods that are full of male pollen. Stress is a possible cause, though a lot of plants will produce male pollen at the end of a grow to perpetuate the species.

Here is a close-up of an opening nanner.

I plucked them off as I saw them. This was every few days…

Pain in the rear but I only got a half dozen immature seeds.

I have had two (out of 6) plants grow nanners late in flower. First one I did not know what it was, but I posted here and found out and plucked it. Now I watch them very carefully - and I spotted one on one of my girls. Plucked that one too.

I was lucky they grew right on top of the buds, easy to see that way.

Cool. Good to know going forward. Thank you.

I had only females (and seedlings) in my flower tent. The flip lasted ten days before I thought growing too slow, so i went back to 18/6 (not the best move). Growth resumed, but 3 seedlings went male and two females went hermi. Reducing planter count in flower tent 4x4 had 6 plants (plus small seedlings as low level plants.). Here is one of my hermi’s. Should have shown sacs open, but camera and me don’t see eye to eye.

Because they were autos… and I didn’t know what I was doing yet, I had light ON daily for 20 hours up to the end. After researching, I think this may have been why they herm’d. Too much light ?? Next time when in solid flower, I will cut back the light to see if that helps. After cleaning cleaning cleaning the area(s).