Seedlings slow growth

Hello all,
This is my first post on this forum but so far it seems like a great community. I have 3 seedlings in a 3x3 tent and they are all pretty slow at growing and one in particular has leaves bending downward and a little yellow spot on the leaves. I am now in Day 9 from sprouting. They are in a 3x3x6 vivosun tent with an optic 2 gen 4. I keep the temps at 70degrees with 70-75% humidity.
One thing that is worth mentioning is that I started them in jiffy peat pods and then transplanted them into canna coco. In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have done that because they both have different water retentions. Although I don’t know if that is what is causing the slow growth. I gave them there first VERY light feeding of canna coco a+b 1ml each, canazyme 1ml, sensi cal mag Xtra 3ml, ph 5.8. Can someone help me figure out how to get these ladies back on track

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Probably just needs more time to make more roots. After this stall period they’ll take off again. Happy growing and welcome to the community!


Welcome to the community ! The little seedlings starting root system before you see a lot of foliage. Looking good your on track.

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May be a little wet for them. For seedlings, I let the top soil stay dry. When the soil is dried out I will pour enough water to fill another solo cup to about 20% and then place the cup with the plant into it (as long as you have holes in the bottom of your planted cup). It will then suck the water up from the bottom. This will cause the bottom of your cup to be moist and cause your roots to shoot to the bottom.