Plants are about 2 weeks old and seem stuck in growth

hey all,
First indoor tent grow. I’m using a ts 1000 light and have lowered it down to about 6-10 inches above the plants. They arent getting too hot. I checked with my hand. I water them about every 2 days depending on the soil dampness. They seem stuck in growth. The one on the left is critical bilbo and the right is green crack x silver haze. I’m not sure they are where they need to be. Any help would be appreciated. I did do my first lower dose nutrients yesterday and the plant on the right grew more overnight. Thanks in advance. Im using Canna terra veg, cannazym, armor si (silicon), calmag since in using coco and rhizotoic.


Your seedlings look good, they’re basically developing a root system right now before you see much foliage. They will take off. I would be a little nervous about giving any nutes at this point. Could very easily burn them up.


Ok I’ll skip the nutes right now and thanks. Just was getting a bit concerned but it makes sense.


Like @kellydans said. there looking good


Thanks, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing then, minus the nutes

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