Very first grow ever....wish me luck

I decided to begin a journal to assist me in this new adventure. So far, its been alittle frustrating honestly. I started germination on the following plants on these dates:

Green Crack x Silver Haze feminized- 8/4/20

Critical Bilbo feminized- 8/1/20

Gelato feminized- 8/23/20

Alittle about the setup:

Medium type: coco in solo cups for now

Current nutes: calmag, rhizotonic, armor si, cannazym and once a week canna vega

Dosage: light dose of vega ( .06 fl oz per gallon)
Light doses of all other

Light: Mars Hydro TS1000, come Monday HLG 300L v spec

Light distance: 18"

Humidifier: yes cheap one but it works

Grow area: 2.5 x 2.5 closest setup tent (Mars Hydro)

Fan: yes

Inside ventilation: yes and filter

Pics to follow with each strain


green crack



critical bilbo

I feel they are too yellow but have tried everything i know. Backed off light output from 100 to 75%. Been feeding once a week, water about every 2 days depending on soil wetness. I have the water ph level of all used water set and tested at 7.0, including mixed nutes/water bottles. They also seem small. The bilbo is growing pretty well the last few days but the green crack stalled again. Any ideas or suggestions are mucho appreciated. Love this site and group. Im excited to begin this journey.

No need to feed the littles until your cotyledon leaves are gone.


If that is pure coco, I would water once a day.


On the gelato? I only use calmag and cannazym on it. Still shouldnt use anything?

No, the cotyledon leaves contain everything the plant needs until they are gone.


ya its a 100% coco on the bigger ones, before i knew to add perlite. Small one is a mix of coco/perlite about 70/30

awwwww gotcha, so i may have too much nitrogen. I was worried because my buddy who grows said they look like it has nitrogen deficiency. So I gave a low dose of canna vega

I use pure coco, and jacks 321, I can feed from the beginning with it, i have not used canna nutes so I cannot speak on them, but I would start giving it water with a little cal mag in it and ph it at 5.8-6.0 and water with that once a day until the cotyledons yellow and then start your feed schedule.


I see you got the CB and gelato, freebies from homegrown by any chance? If they are. You gonna love that gelato. She was the runt of my litter until 4 weeks then she BLEW up. I read the reviews on their website. Lots of people saying the same thing. So when you get them healthy, don’t worry about her runtiness, she will grow outta that.

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The lighter coloring does look like a N deficiency, but it looks like the cotyledons are still healthy on at least one of them. Having a deficiency so early is unlikely.


Hell ya I’m growing the freebies from HG lol. Thanks for the advice that makes me feel better.


ok sounds like a food plan, i will try it and see how the girls reapond. Thanks a ton

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Care with the critical bilbo. I burned her up with the same nutrient regimen my other six were fine with. Good luck on your grow.


Best of luck mate. Maybe try getting the pH down a little? I use the Canna range (Vega & Flora) - but growing in the Terra soil. I tried the Vega - very light dose on a clone in flushed soil - it nearly tried to jump out of the solo cup. :v: :sunglasses:


Ya man, i just was reading coco ph is 6.1.


no problem! Just remember to start your feedings on the light side and work your way up, PH is very important especially in coco, and you can water once a day without worrying that you are over watering in coco.

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