Seedlings help keep alive

I waste more money on seeds dying in first week or, start seeds in cloth in dark room,put in seedlind dirt with vercimite 3/4inch deep when come up put in an terrarium effect 6-8 inches light up over them 400 has light why they die. Ones that make it look good

The most common cause of lost seedlings is damping off (root rot) due to overwatering. The pic of the peat pot doesn’t look too wet though. Is this possible it is the problem in your case?


I personally would get away from using peat pots
Not implying that it has anything to do with you dying seedlings, it’s just that I don’t trust them to deteriorate enough to let roots through when that time comes

The above is correct that you might have damping off from too much water too early on

Your plants that survived the seedlings stage look nice…Om nom nom nom nom