Seedlings keep dying help!

Lately my seedlings are dying after 1 day of putting them into soil not sure what im doing wrong sometimes they live but most of the time they die any ideas?

What kind of soil

Also is your soil dry during transplant

Promix hp soil an i gave it a few drops of ph 6.5 water

Maybe your soil is too dry :thinking: I would think it needs to be damp when you transplant
Maybe try a humidity dome to help keep moisture if your air is to dry
But looks like your soil dried up and made your seedling dry up as well

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You want fairly damp soil when you transplant. Then, you want to cover the seedling pot with a dome or clear plastic to keep humidity in until it pops first set of true leaves.

Remember, fairly damp, but not wet. The entire seedling pot needs to be damp, not just where
you place the seedling.

One thing I overlooked once was I didn’t adjust my lighting after transplant and cooked an
entire batch of seedlings with my light so also keep that in mind. Don’t do what I did.


I second @PhillyRock. I use Promix HP as well

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Thanks for the advice ill definitely keep that in mind

I’d suggest using this or something along these lines for seeds to seedlings with their second set of true leaves before transplanting. Also you want the soil to be rather moist before transplanting them by gently working the bottom soil loose towards the top. Tipping it upside down while you placed a finger firmly yet gently against it’s little stem and root base. Try to keep the dirt clumped around the root base to reduce trauma have a ready hole only deep enough to take the little clump you have in place it in the hole. Lightly pack the soil around the plant and ensure its firmly in place not leaning one way or the other, and when watering don’t water around the stem or where you think it’s little baby roots would be. You let them get dry that’s why they died it’s crucial you keep them moist but not damp or they’ll drown at the roots. Test the soil daily with your finger put it first finger joint deep if you feel no moisture water them a little if you feel some they are good for the day likely depending on how little moisture you felt. Oh yeah check for bugs daily when they get bigger also never get any water on the leaves if you do try to wipe it off unless it’s lights out for the next 6 hours at least.

what philly rock said

Do you dome the sprouts when you do? And exactly how much water to you give plants and how often?

I agree with @Highplainsgrower I always use a dome and mist your soil and dome before you plant seed. Mist only the dome daily. They don’t need watering when they’re that small just misting of the dome and soil only if it’s somehow dried out. With seedlings less is more.

I know these post are old but im having the same issues. My seeds sprout but die a couple days afterwards. My seeds are from ilgm. No idea what im doing wrong. Bought a 5pack of ww auto and only have one left. It has sprouted but worried its gona die out like the others. My lights hang about 24inches above the seedlings. I keep them domed and mist the dome. Temp stays at the lowest 72 and highest 80. Humidity runs from 50-60%. Anyone have bad quality seeds from ilgm? Idk what else it could be. I grow veggies outside in a noncontrolled environment with very little issues and my bud plants are in a grow tent controlled environment. Please help