What Is Wrong With My 2 Week Old Seedlings

Im wondering what is going wrong with my 2 Week old seedlings im growing in a 36x20x62 tent. I have a 1000w led light and im using foxs farm happy frog for soil. I over watered my last plants so I have been trying not to water these as much however when i came home from work one day I checked on them and saw they were extremely underwatered and wilting. I gave them a healthy amount of water and they perked back up. But ever since my cotyledons have turned yellow and the tips of the leaves are turning yellow. What could this be?

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Seedlings need very little water (think 1 - 2 ml a day at most.)

It looks as if it may be nute burn. Have you been feeding?

no just water and they also look a lot smaller than my past seedlings for 2 weeks old

Looks like your using peat pots.
I’ve used them and my normal watering process when they are at that stage is to have them in a plant saucer and just add water to the saucer and the pots/soil will wick up water and the plants roots will seek down to moisture. I will add enough water so that the bottom half of peat pot looks moist and I will spritz the top of soil with sprayer lightly too.
If they are peat pots when you up pot them you’ll want to remove the bottom of it and bury the top in new soil. When I use them I slice the peat pots with a box cutter around the bottom and sides before filling with seed starter mix as they don’t break down very fast so the roots can easily grow through the slits.
I now use cow pots as they break down much quicker but I still slice them up too.
Like this

What is the distance of light above plants?

I think they should grow threw what is going on just keep an eye on them and let us know if things progress much more

the light is about 33 inches from the soil

How did you germinate the seeds?

soaked in water for 15 hours, poured water and seeds onto a plate, folded paper towel and put in my tent with no light at all

I think your light maybe to far away at 33" I keep mine 24. If that’s new growth on top, I wouldn’t worry to much about it. I soak mine 24 hours in tap water, straight into a solo cup with FFOF, am not experienced enough to tell how it got yellow, but just offering my cents

thanks I appreciate it

do you think 24 would be too close because its a 1000 watt light?

Where did you get the light from? Please post name and model #. After that, we can tag some people:)