Is yellow leaves normal on seedlings?

Hello I just noticed my seedlings are getting this yellowing going on. I can’t find much about seedlings. I found a guy on YouTube claiming it’s normal from new growth. I am thinking it has something to do with my nutrient mistake the other day. I added nutrients to these guys 500 ppm then they got burned and after posting on here I flushed them. They seem to have a nice growth spurt the next couple days then I wake up to this shit lol.

I trust this group more though. This is what is going on. Any advise would be appreciated

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They look okay. Be careful feeding them and consider the soil you are using.

They need to be transplanted within the next few days. They need a larger pot.

They’re underwatered. Either by your pot size as stated above. Or increase watering.

Let me correct that. They appear under watered. Now 500ppm is only enough for a seedling… At this stage you should be giving an intake of ~800ppm and getting a runoff under 1000… with a weak soil. What are your runoff ppm? Intake pH?

You know what. Ignore all that. While they are still dried out. Do your transplants. As said above. Needed. But you have signs of both nitrogen toxicity which you said was fixed. So I’m somewhat lost. But. There is one easy fix. It looks like you are using fox farms soils. If it’s Happy frog or ocean forest. You can water only for the next 3(hf)-5(of) weeks. Would suggest some innoculants if you have them for.the xplant though.

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So I transplanted one. The roots were not bound and still spreading through out. Could it still be effects from the nutrient burn? Now their leaves are starting to curl down a bit.

So yesterday I watered 3 of them and transplanted one of the 3 to see if either would fix the issue. It seems worse on all 3 today. Yesterday when I watered them I used distilled and really flushed them again. The water I could tell still had a lot of nuts in it. It was dark brown which I thought I flushed out the first time.

Should I give them a couple of more days?

I am transplanting the other two. I have one opened and it looks like it’s still wet. If it is and it’s not a water issue. After I transplant them if the issue continues what would be the next thing to look at?

Yeah let them dry out. Showing signs of the overwatering

I transplanted the other 2. I flushed all 3 again with distilled to make sure all the nuts were washed away. They look more yellow today. I’ll give it a couple of days then I’ll update the thread. Thanks again everyone

Shouldn’t have flushed… When I said let them dry out. I meant it. Get that towel off of the. You’re going to cause verticillium Wilt… Fungus that grows in soil with too much moisture or insufficient draining. Will kill entire crops because once the spores get to the leaves they can go air born and affect plants that are/were healthy…

This would be correcting a mild issue with a major issue… because you don’t have it yet. But that yellow, fat leaves dropped from stalk. Soil isn’t moist. It’s saturated. Insufficient drainage or way to frequent water.

Dude that’s a gym sock :joy:

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I realized that after I wrote it. But since it wasn’t grammatically incorrect, I didn’t bother. Lol. I’ll accept technically incorrect on occasion. Not a bureaucrat.

Yes I cut a sock and soaked it and put it under the dome to help create more humidity. I ensure the sock is not touching the plant it’s self. I do this because it’s so damn hard to keep humidity levels up. I have 2 humidifiers going I. The tent and I cannot get it above 20% in the tent so this was my solution. I have only had the socks in them for a couple of days. I currently only have it in one of them to see if it helps at all.

The yellowing continues on two of them but the third it seems to be getting greener. Here’s some updated images

Your plants really don’t need socks.