Seedling/veg HELP 🙏

Hi all!! So I’ve grown a few times, but I’ve never made it to flower or harvest without having to get rid of my plants (I was a teenager :confused:). I currently have 3 plants, that are small enough to be seedlings, but 2 are now producing 5 finger blades… I don’t have any ferts yet, today I should get the fox farm trio in the mail. I don’t have any extravagant red or blue lighting, that’s also coming in the mail, and the smallest 1 was pulled out by my 2 year old son, I repotted it, and it made new tap roots, but took FOREVER to start producing new foliage… lol and last but not least, soil is a mixture of shit from my garden… it has compost, sand, mulch and leaves, potting soil, some clay, and some regular muddy brown dirt… I’m sure it’s not amazing I don’t have ph strips​:confused: my plants are probably about a month now… I didn’t get seeds online either. Basically just going super cheap in the start and now I wanna good high yield grow. Is it even possible still??


Looks like your off to a decent start. FF trio is a good line to start with. It’s very simple. Start at 1/4 of what the bottle says and slowly build up. You won’t need nutes until the set of leaves that are round that came up first die off. The plant feeds on those leaves until then. Until then just light water. What size pot are you using? The bigger the pot and the bigger you let it veg the bigger the yield.


Anything is possible. Plants look happy enough. Trouble with regular soil is critters and lack of oxygen particularly if it gets that solid way after repeated watering. The more sand the better to help with drainage. You have lights and nutes coming so things are in hand. Watch for signs of deficiencies before you start feeding though and good luck :sunglasses:
And welcome to a great forum


I haven’t actually potted them yet lol :joy: they’re in ghetto homemade pots… I currently have 2 plants in 32oz coffee mate creamer containers I cleaned and cut drainage holes into. Then 1 plant is in a Folgers coffee one… lol I like coffee too​:joy::person_facepalming: what size would you recommend repotting in? You don’t think I’ll need ferts till the leaves die off, even if it has 5 blades now? Sorry, I’m just trying to understand lol :slightly_smiling_face::heart::pray:



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@HamminDeezy. The seedling has everything that’s needed for the first 3 weeks or so contained in the little round edged leaves. Cotyledons.
Ph ‘d water only till they start to yellow.
I see a few of your containers are clear.
If you can wrap them to keep out light from the roots forming it would help some.
Roots don’t like light.
Looks good so far tho. :+1::v:

Pot size. :thinking:. Outdoor i use 25 gal but plants get really big. :wink:
Anything from 5-10 gal will work just fine Indoor. :+1:


Thank you, I appreciate that! I had no idea about the roots and was getting excited to see them form on the side, I’ll cover them asap now that I know :pray: what size pot is good to re-home my babies? :slightly_smiling_face:


You going to grow them indoor or out ?
Should be good to go into a 5 gal either way.
Just have to make sure to not water too much till they get bigger.


Well so far they’ve been growing in both… I’ve been moving them to the place where it’s brightest… so if it’s a super sunny, nice day I take them outside, if it’s a not so nice day, I’ll keep them on my stove (ghetto, I know, the lights were just low enough to keep them from getting leggy) with an extra lamp, all bulbs are120W daylight. I actually have a grow tent, but not the lights or fans etc. so I’ve just been doing everything crazy kinda… I’m just starting to take it seriously now


I did this last year girl what ever works