First grow ... need some advice

Hey all, so I’ve got 2 girls about 37 days from seed in the dirt … I’ve got them in a 2x2x5 tent with 1000w 180w actual bloomspect led lights… ive got them in miracle grow right now and have seen not to use it… ive started to lst one of them already … I need advice on the transplant, affordable nutes and growable soil… ive spent so much time on them and they look good I just don’t want to see them burn up during flower

Started them in a closet with 4 23w cfl lights … just got the light and tent the last few days


Fox farm ocean forest is a solid soil that will take your plants 4-6 weeks without any additional nutes. It’s readily available and not too expensive.

Don’t feel bad. I used miracle grow on my first grow. Ugh. :face_vomiting:


Actually you plant looks pretty good. Hard to tell for sure in the unnatural light. May need more light to finish her good though.


Should I transplant again with different soil? Or will this be diluted enough to finish the grow? Here’s what they look like in the light

Here is one of my girls in natural light …

I’m having some trouble with what to do next on these… Here’s some pics been phing my water to 6.5 using foxfarm trio 2 weeks into flower, I know they need to be pruned some but not sure what to pull off…