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OK , last topic I posted , the group said dont add any nutes, because the Fox Farm ( Ocean Forrest ) . should last them till bout 2 weeks before changing to flower … They also said " The plants will tell you when they want nutes " … WTF !!! ?? What amm I looking for ??? The girls are LSD Fem. Indoor , I didnt know there should be 3 types of soil used , learned something , So , They seem to be happy and are average 33 days old … 1 @ 37 the 2 smaller @ 30 days … I have the FF Big grow , Big bloom liq. nutes , etc… Should I still hold off adding the nutes till I get ready to turn them ??

Big bloom you can use. There’s hardly anything in it. I don’t start digging into my grow big until the ppms of my soil get below 1000.


OK … I have the " Big bloom , Grow big , and Tiger bloom … All from Fox Farm as well … I have the feeding schedule … The only thing I am confused is when they do the BB and the GB , They say dont mix them , Sooooooo do they mean add water to your jug ans then the 2 nutes , or just add 1 nute to a gallon jug ???

On feed day, I put big bloom in a gallon of water, shake well. Add in grow big, shake well. Add in tiger bloom, shake well. Then I usually aerate the solution for 15 minutes with a small air pump and air stone. Then I ph it and give it to the plant. Obviously you won’t use the tiger bloom until you’re flowering.


Hey bro,
what do you mean with “didnt know there should be 3 types of soil used”, is this a brand specific? i use biobizz light mix from seedling to harvest and it works very well. Just so you know

(I use Hesi Nutrients)

I was told 1 for seedlings , 1 for veg and 1 for flower … They said the FF Ocean Forrest is just for the flower stage because of the nutes in it …

How big of pots you in. If they are small then there is a good chance plant used all the nutes already

I use ocean forest from the time I transplant out of solo cups to the time I harvest.

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4 gallon

@BobbyDigital …This is how it was explained to me from this site

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You can do it that way. Just requires 3 bags of soil instead of 1.

<------- budget grow … ( Last time I used MG and was laughed out of the community here … This grow EVERYONE said use the FF … NO 1 said anything about what kind , much less 3 dif. kinds , shit , I never heard of this soil b4 here … Yep

Yeah, MG soil can have you chasing your tail with issues. I just go with basic seedling potting soil in a solo cup. Then transplant into a 1 gallon of ocean forest. Then to a 5 gallon of ocean forest and ~20% perlite added.

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I think the whole soil thing is more or less a big scam anyway… at the end its just soil… maybe its worth the time reading up on the topic in more detail. There is a lot going on with people making their own and getting perfect results as far as I can judge from reading in forums.

or go aeroponic hmm

What about with auto flowers?

It’d be worse with autos. If they got burned there’s not a lot of recovery time for a plant on a timer.

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Ok, I wasn’t clear, my bad. What I meant, hoping you know the answer, is I’m planning on using ff ocean for my auto from start to finish, in seven gal fabric pots,any thoughts?

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May want to start the seed in a solo cup or small pot of just basic seed starting soil. Ocean forest can be too hot for babies. After she outgrows her first small pot/solo cup, go right into the final home. Just remember to add about 20% perlite. Ocean forest tends to compact and the perlite will counter that.


My concern comes from warnings to not repot autos, hence my unease. Perhaps, (frog farm was it?) fill the pot with ocean, and create a layer/divet within it the same size as a red 12oz cup with the :frog:, planting the seed within it, allowing it to grow out from it? Also, a mixture of Mycorrhizal Fungi throughout both soils to assist roots. What do you think?

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Start in something neutral: seed starting mix and water only with distilled water. Start in a Solo cup for water management while a sprout. Dome with a clear cup and mist the dome twice per day until tap root established. THEN transplant into final home. If you are in a small space with limited height I would suggest only 3 gallon. If in a tall large space go to 5 gallon. FFOF works just fine and autos being autos are extremely hungry buggers.

Transplanting up from your initial start is generally the accepted practice.

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