Fox farms nutrient schedule for autos

Anyone familiar with the big bloom 3 pack? All schedules show for 18 hrs to 12 hrs. None show autos staying in the 18 mode. Understand? Any help is appreciated. This is for fox farms.


Because it’s an auto flower, you’ll need to be the judge when it starts to transition to flowering, and change the schedule accordingly.
More than welcome to post pictures and we can assist you along the way coming to that conclusion. @mgjw


Not that Covert told you anything wrong, you could also contact FF and get their input. It’s my understanding that they are great at answering questions like that.


I use FF nutrients. I will be running 2 Autos this next grow cycle and I will be feeding them exactly like I would a Photo. Judging transition won’t be so bad to figure out. :+1:


Depending on the soil you use, you’ll only need the tiger bloom. In ocean forest, you only have to supplement tiger bloom for a few weeks. The soil takes care of everything she needs up till the point she’s almost done. Unless you get a weirdo that wants to veg for 7-8 weeks.


The tiger bloom is for use once flower begins? Just picked some up bc I believe my GH nutes flat lined.


Correct. Big bloom is used throughout but tiger bloom is for flower stage only.


Ok thanks

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I would agree with the exception of possibly using cal-mag during flower. That can also depend on lights. High intensity lights can deplete cal-mag faster.


I used big bloom in flower and got nitrogen toxicity. flushed and didn’t do it again

I use the FF big 3 as well… i used it just like a photo as well had no issues. Its easy to tell when to switch like he stated when ya get pistols it isn’t the end if the world overlapping by a week and you use the grow big the whole way anywho… the green bottle is GB I think… lol… get some pics up we all dig pics man. As if we don’t stare at our rooms enough! Lol

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Are you talking grow big or big bloom? Grow big is the nitrogen rich nute. Big bloom is the organic nute that doesn’t have much of anything in it.


you are right I meant grow big

Someone suggested that I just ask fox farms about it and they got back to me by the end of day. They said they don’t have an official guideline for feeding autos yet, but said to just follow the photo directions and just end it shorter of course. Thanks again for all of your guyz help.

This is my first auto, northern lights.


Nice job,looks yummy

@mgjw Lol I called and left message for FF few days ago with exact same question.

My NL just started to flower yesterday which is day 27 from popping through soil. Once flowering, did you start with Grow Big or Tiger bloom? Did you go 1/3 recommended dose?

Sounds like @BobbyDigital says go straight to Tiger Bloom and skip grow big which I’m inclined to do

It depends on the soil. I used ocean forest so it still had plenty of nutrients in it by the time she started flowering (so it didn’t need anything added to it). It wasn’t until around week 6 of flower that the soil was finally depleted and then I needed to start adding tiger bloom.


@NorCal Once the FFOF is depleted of nutrients from 4 to 6 weeks you can use the FF lines. I generally split it in 1/3 for the first week. Sometimes I go 1/2 dose to start.

I’ve been growing in the same FFOF soil since May 2018 so I can start adding nutrients after 2 weeks old. You need to as there is basically nothing in the soil. It’s finally being replaced due to my Toilet Bowl Grow.

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I would like to thank everyone for the heads up on the nutes. This is one helpful forum. FYI - I actually also sent an email to fox farms about the schedule. They not only explained word for word but they sent me a schedule to follow. They did say to just follow the photo and knock off a couple of weeks as they don’t have a schedule for the autos yet. Good info all around!

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@BobbyDigital Yes I’m also in FF Ocean Forest. So I should wait to feed Tiger Bloom until my runoff PPMs drop to say 750 to 950? Not trying to hijack this thread, just thought it might help others who read it.

Right now my run off PPM is between 1,800 to 1,950 for most of the my 4 Autos in my tent. PH is around 6.5 and I’m only been feeding 10ml of Big Bloom and 3ml of CalMag per 1 gallon of RO water (growing under two 600W LED lights).

Only my Amnesia Haze has started to flower (see pic below). I know it is really stretched and I should have had lights closer or dimmer turned up higher or LST but this is my very first grow ever so learning as I go.

Day 27 and just showed signs of little flowers

Entire Crew (pic is deceiving, top of the AMH on front left is only 16" away from light; Blueberry front right is 24" away)