I'm a new grower and need all the advice I can get

New to the whole cultivating idea. Was looking for any advice and pointers. Trying to get the best out of mother nature and some fox farm nutes. I’m using grow big at the moment on the plants in the pics actually just gave them there first dose yesterday pic was taken today. How long before will I know if I’ve ruined it. Also have about 8 seedlings with a bottom feed of grow big but reduced by a quarter . The ones in the picture are in miracle grow…believe me I know I f***ed things up by doing that but I tried to run as much water through the soil to flush all that dumb shit out before I even planted the seedlings I now am planning on running the line up that’s in the pic. I don’t have any intention at all of putting anything under any lights I want to grow outdoor from seed to harvest. Again please tell me if I’m ruining something or wasting my time. I’m no sour puss and all input is welcome negative or positive!


They don’t need nutes at this point. Especially with mg soil. Just properly pHd water
Just use a cannabis friendly soil when you pot up.
Happy frog soil usually just needs pHd water for the first 3-4 weeks.

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Lmao you literally answered none of my questions but thanks anyways guy!@Drinkslinger I’m really starting to think this whole nute thing is really up to the plant if it receives it not us humans I’m on day two after giving them nutes and nothing no burn no folding of the leaves and like I said I flushed the out of the miracle grow before I dropped anything in there

I only saw one real question.

Within a day or two

The rest was just advice. Per the topic title.

Plants will uptake nutrients when you bottle feed them if the media pH is within their range. Or, they will grow in a symbiotic relationship with bacteria and fungi without synthetic fertilizers if the soil contains the proper nutrients.
Feed them with a stomach tube, or have the waiter bring them food from the organic farm to table restaurant. :+1:


@Drinkslinger [quote=“Drinkslinger, post:4, topic:48423”]
Feed them with a stomach tube, or have the waiter bring them food from the organic farm to table restaurant. :+1:

Where do I find this at do they sale them at hydroponic stores? Smartass! Not who I need advice from a lil kid that gets in his feelings when all I said was you weren’t helping at all lmao everybody grows differently this is something I’m starting to understand you just stated that I’d see any burns or deficiencies in my plant within a day or two and the same exact plants in the pic where given nutes “too early” is what you said??? Where is the burn or deficiencies in the plants? Almost on day 3 after giving nutes

Yes, I can be a smart ass. Unfortunately sarcasm sometimes doesn’t transfer well through internetting.

My advice is free. I have zero to gain from giving it.

Enjoy your grow.

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@Drinkslinger Exactly what I thought !

Dayyum. Remind me not to try to help. No sense of humor and takes things way too seriously. @Drinkslinger did answer your question. He said no nutes needed for the first 3-4 weeks, with Happy Frog, also said no nutes until up pot with Miracle grow. You definitely don’t want any of my help because, I’ll tell you straight up that I can have the tendency to be a smart azz. I wish you the best of luck :v:


Dude kinda got an attitude but whatever I will try to help.

  1. Problem with miracle grow is it has time release nutrients, so the more water you put in the more the shell breaks down covering the nutrients, so it adds more to the soil as a result.
  2. Why aren’t you seeing any burn. Well at the stage your plant is at it only needs 5ml to 10ml so it’s not pulling enough actual water up to see a drastic change in the plants from those nutrients.
  3. Is it too late? No you just need to transplant as soon as you can before it takes in a toxic level.

@repins12 dayuum good or bad?

So I did mess it up by adding the nutes to the mg soil? I did try to flush it as much as possible ran at least a gallon of water through each cup before planting anything didnt however test ph not to certain on how to do it or what to use (cheap route is always my route) should I dump the bottom feeding of big bloom that I was giving to my seedlings as well? Another thing you cant tell if your plants are experiencing nute burn or deficiencies until when? The ones in the pic are about a month from seed already I feel like they’re growing really slow is why I gave them the additional nutes but guess it’s not good for them? Nothing I can see at least

Yeah you messed up by adding nutrients but what’s done is done. And flushing is good but not in mg because everytime you add water it releases more nutrients so it’s a losing battle.
How long might be weeks an idea.he was one 4 weeks in no problems.

Same plant batch two weeks later.

@SKORPION another thing I have to ask does it matter if its indoors or out? Should I take out the seedling ratio of grow big out of the feeding tray? Oh and the feed that I gave the plants was some what diluted…I guess does that change anything. And those plants in your pic. Were they given nutes continuously or only one dose and of what cause that looks serious

  1. Indoor and outdoor require the same things feed, light and water so it doesn’t matter.
  2. With happy frog I disregard the feeding schedule until week 5 because the soil already has it in it.
  3. Diluted might cause less of a problem if u had runoff, I mean it the water drained out the bottom.

@SKORPION yeah I only had the seedlings in a tray with bottom feed the ones in the pic is just a solo cup with holes drilled in the bottom and I havent watered them yet letting that soil dry out a bit before releasing more nutes from the mg and the seedlings are doing horrible btw they look like mush 50 bucks gone I will never take advice from someone from the hydroponic store that I shop at again but I guess it all part of the “learning process” :tired_face:

Yeah it happens my first attempts were like a quarter of bag seeds failure after failure then I got it and started buying seeds.