My first grow "God Bud", day 10 first day of nutrients feeding with fox farms nutrients. I noticed a problem. Is this something to be worried about

Too soon for nutes. Tips turning yellow, dead giveaway.

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You can flush the nutes out by using two or three full cups worth of water. Just make sure your cup has holes to let all the extra water run out. If your dirt stays too wet she won’t get enough oxygen and your roots will rot and there won’t be a recovery from that at this early stage. It seems like a long time to get to this stage if you’re like me and spend a lot of time staring at it. :slight_smile:

You starting your nutrients way to early , wait until the plant has 4-6 nodes if you have no experience in growing , used a half gallon milk jug in a 1-3 gallon and a 1 gallon in a 5 gallon pot.

Hmm, sorry yoshi. I couldn’t understand last part of your post.

I think what he’s saying is to take a milk jug, and make a nutrient mix in the milk jug, but only half full if your pots that you’re planting in are 1-3 gallons in size.
So in turn, you’d use a full milk jug of nutrient mix for a 5 gallon pot.

I actually used to do this when I was growing in soil. I would mix ups my nutrient mix, label the milk jug, and then I would just use some of that milk jug nutrient mix whenever I felt my girls needed them. It worked well for me, but now I’m onto hydro and I have mix new batches weekly in the buckets!

Ok advice was taken. Compare the topic pic and this pic of two days. Is it safe to say my little girl is on her way?

Also, take a look at this fox farm feeding schedule. The first two nutrients for seedlings seems backwards or did I read it wrong?

I use Fox Farms too, and when you first start using the, on any strain, you’ll need to do half doses. I usually do a 1/3 of the recommend dosage for the first couple feelings until I see that the plant reacts well to it. From there, you just slowly add more each feeding. Right now, I’m using almost double the recommended nutrients, because my plants have taken a liking to them so much! It’s all about experimenting and getting some experience with it under your belt. You’ll get comfortable with the nutrient mixes eventually!

For seedlings and cuttings though, I wouldn’t recommend using ANY nutrients at all. I personally wait until there’s at least 3 sets of true leaves. Everyone is different though, just mess around and see what you like and what works for you. Hope this helps!


Here, you might like the colored schedule more, idk haha?


The leaves on my lil plant have started to droop and turn black . I’m new to growing so I flushed and I am hoping that will help but I’m not sure . Please help

Roots need oxygen, too wet could curl leaves. Let drain and maybe you can allow more air movement . Looks like you have a cup over her to keep moisture in, try taking that off .

Appon second look at your pic roots may be too dry. She can suffer from that too.