Seedling trouble- leaf burns

Hi guys, I need some help. I’m not sure if I should just ditch this plant or not. I already had to ditch one of them due to a fungus gnats situation that ended up killing my other plant.

I’m pretty sure it’s the soil I used, or a pregnant gnat came in from outside and laid her eggs at some point.

So with this plant, I did a soil drench of Neem oil to handle the larva / egg situation.
I don’t know what is going on with the plant now.

I do know that the Neem oil will be deposited through the plant once the roots suck it up, but would it still cause leaf burns due to this?
I don’t know if I should just clip the leaves off and wait for them to grow back, or just ditch the whole thing and start new.

As you can see the other day it looked just fine, but it wasn’t until I added a tiny bit of Neem oil to the medium. Remember, I did have a gnat larva issue that we’re making the plants sick. So I’m not sure if the Neem caused more stress that caused this, or if it’s leaf burn.

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Never seen anything like that before, but I’ve also never heard of anyone doing a soil drench of neem which seems excessive

What kind of soil are you using? Hard to diagnose without knowing more

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Thanks for the reply.
The soil im using is not a very good dirt at all. Not nutrient rich by any means, it was more of an experiment more than anything to see if Autos will grow in a low nutrient dirt.

But you’ve never heard about soil drench for Neem oil?
I’ve been reccomended this by quite a few people actually to kill the gnat larva.
And the plant will also suck it up and transport it into its stems and leaves, so that when bugs try to come chomp on them, they’ll get sick from the Neem.

Strain is Blueberry by the way, the auto flowering variant.

I’m pretty sure that since she was stressed out due to the fungus gnat larva eating the roots, the Neem oil probably stressed her even more.
I’m not sure though, I’m pretty new to this growing thing.

I will be starting my CBD white widow seeds in Fox farms Ocean forest, I also got my bottled nutes from them as well, so I’m excited to share the progress of those plants with you all.

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To kill gnats get mosquito bits. Soak in a gallon of water overnight. Use to water. Poof…done. the live bugs keep flying. The larva…bye bye. 2 weeks…no bugs.


If you had fungus gnats before and that is the same soil then you have gnats now.

Also new to me. I personally have used sevin dust sprinkled on the soil to kill gnats. I have heard of using D.E. and even plain white play sand on top of soil. The problem is soil being too wet for too long a period of time.


Yeah I’ve only heard of using a bit of neem to spray on the undersides of the leaves a little. Shouldn’t use too much as it’s toxic i guess as well.

I suppose the moral of this story is make sure to use good and healthy soil :grin::grin:


I’ll have to try the mosquito bits, I’ve been hearing great things about it.
I’ll have to go buy some.

Also, I’m aware moist soil attracts them, which is why I’ve been watering really only once a week and a half, not sure if I should dial down on it, but the plants seem to like this watering regimen.

Remember, this soil isn’t very good quality soil. So it is also very possible that gnat larva got into the soil when they were packaging it up.

My next grow with the CBD white widows, I’ll be sterilizing the soil with boiling water first before planting. This time it’ll be with good quality soil (Ocean forest )
I guess when companies say “pasteurized to kill bugs and weed seeds”, isn’t entirely true, or they do it poorly and doesn’t get the job done effeciantly.

Do you guys think I should just ditch it or see what it does?
The stem itself looks really good still though, the stems look good.
Just don’t know if it’ll continue to grow or not like this, or if the decaying leaves will eventually leave it dead.


Stay with what the plants like. The bits work. Have to wait it out. I had a bad infestation with some organic soil i bought. Wife went nuts…almost took mine…that stuff was only 1 that totally worked. DE/NEEM not so much. Before drying them out worked. Living soil cant dry it.


Weird. Like where do you get your soil from, and do you use it mostly right away or do you store it somewhere at home?

I’ve never had a problem with any of the FF soil bags I’ve gotten from my local hydro store, and certainly never had to think about running boiling water through a fresh pot before planting :frowning:

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I will for sure keep this in mind, I have the ocean forest bag sitting on the porch ready to go, you don’t think the boiling water is necessary? If not I won’t do it.

And the soil I used for the plants I’ve been posting about, I got it from Home Depot, it’s an organic soil brand, but it’s a normal potting mix, nothing crazy. The bag was $8 for a 40 lb bag.
This next grow, I’ll definitely be using Ocean forest.

Do you think Ocean forest is too hot to directly plant in? Or should I do a top layer of the cheap soil I mentioned, and the rest with Ocean forest to prevent burning the seedling?
I’ve been hearing Oceean forest is too hot for seedlings, others say it works wonders for seedlings and throughout growth for the first 45 days before you need to add any more nutrients.

You’d all know more about this than I do.

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Also, I used the soil I bought from the soil that day. The day I brought it home, I used it.

I’m relatively new (almost 2 years growing now)

Ocean Forest is a little hot from what I’ve been told for seedlings.

This most recent grow im undertaking, which is also my first attempt with photos, i have transplanted a couple times.

I germinated the seeds and put them in solo cups filled with FF Happy Frog soil.

I transplanted them into 2 gallon fabrics with half ocean forest at the bottom and filled in the rest of the top with happy frog.

Transplanted again into 5 gallon fabrics fully ocean forest.

Its been about 9 weeks now in veg. This weekend I’m actually transplanting again into 7 gallon fabrics and going to use the new FF Strawberry Fields soil and flipping to flower mode


Do you happen to use the neem oil during lights on?

I am not sure if this was addressed above I might of missed it. Neem oil during lights on can really burn a plant.

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It was about 8pm when I did the Neem oil treatment. I heard that you should do it when the plants aren’t in direct sun or light. I did a soil soak with 4 parts water, 1 part Neem oil.
So i did, they looked fine for a couple days but, the leaves started to decay almost.
Really weird. I only did this because there were some fungus gnats that were getting out of control. Normally I don’t worry about a couple flying around, but when I saw quite a few diggin around under there, I had to do something, the plants were getting sick, because the larva was eating the roots.

I just ditched it and cleaned out the pot for my white widow cbd I’ll be starting. I got 2 seeds germinating.

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As others stated…use mosquito bits for the gnat larvae…spray plant with neem to help various pest for prevention. Never during flower. In that case if only need to captain jacks dead bug