Leaf Problems.. please help!

Hey Everyone,
I’m a beginner and been growing for about a month… Everything has been going great until a couple days ago. I noticed gnats flying around and walking along the dirt… but something’s going on with my leaves! Please help if you have any insight. I grow organically, I use fox farm and lush dirt mix… been watering with distilled water and made a tea consisting of seaweed, fish fertilizer and molasses… it’s been great! Then this just happened.

Sounds like fungus gnats. Get some diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it on the soil for ones crawling around. If I remember correct, the larva can be in the soil and will feed on the roots. Also get some mosquito bits and add that to the soil. Hole in leaves look like insects so an application of Neem oil wont hurt.


Yes i had the same problem @Hellraiser helped me told me the same thing mosquito bits and DE also some yellow traps. I got those on Amazon

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do you have a fan blowing on your plants?

i would check into how long you can use distilled water when growing also. i just read something about not using it after 3 weeks. like everything else, take what you need from information and make it fit you.

Yes… it’s pretty good air flow

even if you dont notice it the air movement can sometimes beat your leaves up

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Is that mechanical damage to the leaves?

I see some strange bumps though and the odd leaf curling. Could be mites. Do you have a microscope ? You’ll need to examine theM really closely.

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please dont be mites please dont be mites. i didnt see mine until i turned the leaves over with a microscope

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Lol! I took your advice and used a microscope and… I didn’t see anything! I was reading some other posts on here and someone mentioned recent topping…which I did. I also got the mosquito pellet things for the gnats and a neem oil mix.


thank goodness. bugs are crazy what they do to your plants

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get the yellow sticky cards i got mine on amazon.

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