Brown spots and leaf damage

I’ve been treating with neem oil every few days in the morning. I need a ph tester. Thinking about treat for mineral deficiency. I have a koi pond and have watered with pond water a few times. I have seen leaf hoppers and a clicker beetle or two. I have lots of bees in my yard and don’t want to harm them. Any suggestions would be great. I’ve been removing damaged leaves and have decided to stop unless its better to do so.

WELCOM, WELCOME, WELCOME!!! @Petesweed …when i first l@@ked, first thing i thought was nuke burn, but it isnt “all over” so it could be bugs…ive had it before, MINE was from over nuking, try flushing with good water and see what happends…GREAT thing about this fourm is many many people better than i can help

Question, you say you spray your NEEM OIL in the mornings? Hum THAT will “burn” the plant if the sun hits the neem oil on the leaves, try to spray ONLY at DUSK so no sun nuke burn… i have done this ONCE…happy recovery

I’m so new to this. I don’t know what nuking is. I was thinking this was a calcium deficiency. Or a fungal problem maybe.

Thanks, neem only in the evening.

Try CAPTIN JACKS DEAD BUG BREW, spray only in EVENINGS, at dusk, spraying at dusk allows the products you spray to sit on leaves for “long long time” without causing damage to you girls, see if you spray liquid on a plant you risk that liquid “becoming” a small but very intense magnifying glass on those leaves, spraying in the evening there’s no sun by the morning it’s dried and you have no unwanted Critters, don’t have your animals outside when you do it, pick a day to spray weekly or as needed

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Nutrients, LOL you will learn a lot on here nukes are referred to as the added nutrients, sometimes if you over nuke them they will curl it just does so many different things to plants, and it’s not good, but TWO great thing is 1) these plants can recover quite quickly,
2) your in the right place to learn so many great tricks, and the people here are VERY HELPFUL, always got great advice, f one growie doesnt have the answer i guarantee another growie will, you can also fill out what is call a “support ticket” for the masters advice, priceless VERY HAPPY GROW


@Teri thank you for your help. I think I did just about everything wrong this go around but I have plants that are female and may produce some bud for fun…peace!

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Bu you ow know its a mistake you will not make again…ur 1st problem solved happy, and great growing

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May want to bump up the calcium. Hard to tell from the pics if they need Calcium or Phosphorus………

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I just ordered some Cal-Mag. Hopefully this helps…

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