First time grower potential bug problem!

I just saw these spots on my gorilla glue autos and i need help identifying what they are and what to do to get rid of them! Thank you all so much!

Get a magnifying glass or jewelers loop and look under the leafs they will likely be very small hard to see with naked eye

Do you have any idea what pest could cause those spots on the leaf?

Do you pour or spray the actual plant? Kinda looks like hard water or a calcium splash maybe :thinking:

No I haven’t. I just put them outside 3 days ago and the spots appeared

Look up thripes. It looks like that, almost a silverish spectacle it leaves on plant. Im actually battling same issue. Using neem oil by capt jacks at moment. They are usually really tiny and a brownish color and mature a black color that luckily have not seen yet. Best of luck and keep me posted as im pretty sure its same thing.

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It dose look like thripes! What is the best way to get rid of them? Neem oils by captain jacks?

Doesn’t really matter what exactly is eating them, but something is. Need to make the plants not so tasty with neem oil (in veg only) or Capt Jacks Dead Bug, spray after sunset.


In your experience brother does that rid them? My first dose did not. Just did second round of neem oil 3 days later and there was still some i could see

Do y’all recommend neem oil or dead bug?

Im not experienced enough indoors, i use powders outside but i read through @Hellraiser journal seems like consistent uses of neem does the trick. My rookie move was waiting to need it instead of preventative measures. My first run indoors myself.

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I believe once a week is appropriate and more frequently if signs of bugs

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Yes keep applying every 3 to 5 days make sure you are getting underside of leaves soak well

Hit them for two or three days straight. Wait a few days and do it again. I do a regular regiment. I spray my outdoor plants every few days.

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Ill have to go re read the label…thought daily was bad but if its better im all in. Thanks @oldmarine

Thank you all for the help! I’m gonna try neem oil and see what happens!

Be sure to check the bottoms of the leaves if you can. I just had tiny brown spots pop up over a couple of hours, found a worm on the underside no more than 2"mm long.

Lady bugs. I had mites and now don’t. 1500 for 13$


Yes, but can take a few applications and then regular weekly sprayings to keep the bugs away. Make sure to drench the plant and get underside of leaves as well where bugs often hide. I also spray the tent walls and floor to get into all the crevices where they may be hiding.

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I keep both on hand and use both. I do weekly pest prevention sprays in veg with neem oil (also a decent fungicide) and keep dead bug around in case of any bug issues in flowering, no neem during flowering as it affects bud taste in a bad way.

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