Need help to identify leaf issues on autos

Please help me identify what’s causing these marks. I am new grower, I have 2 northern lights autos, 2 gorilla glue autos and 2 Titan f1s auto. I am using organic soil with worm casting, oyster shell, kelp, bat , bone meal, blood meal mixed into soil. I gave them all a bath in neem oil after lights off for the night. Put them fan blowing light air over them for 6 hours during lights off. I’m currently on 18/6. I start using fox farm grow big and big bloom about a week notice after noticing slow growth. I have tried to Google, go through forums on here and research every article I can find and I keep coming up with several different options. Either fungus gnats or nut burn or nut deficiency? I need experienced growers advice please. They are under vivosunV2000 led and viparsoectra P1500 LEDs. I have 4 inch ducts bring fresh air in and leaving open viewing hatch at bottom to force air out

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First pic looks like a pest, check the underside. Could be you got them, (or it as thats probably from a single critter), with the neem and the light green just showed up. The second pic looks like chemical burn, probably the neem too. Sometimes nutrients or sprays will drip off the leaves but the edge will hold a little and the leaf gets burned like that.
Suggest finding a better cannabis friendly spray for bugs. Cap’n Jacks Dead Bug, or any spinosad based bug killer will be better than neem.

Thank you so much for your help. There is so much information on the Internet with different views sometimes it’s very hard to tell what is the best option. I actually was going back and forth between neem and captain jacks dead bug. Do you think it was fungus gnats or something else? The earth worm casting I got from Etsy had small worms in them, I emailed the seller and they assured me they were just baby night crawlers, but they really didn’t seem to be.

So many bugs and evidence usually looks similar. I was thinking bug because it only appears to be on one leaf. I don’t think its a big problem. I have never grown a plant yet that didn’t have some issue along the way. I just shrug them off now.
Maybe spray the dead bug lightly on the surface of the soil. Just to catch the ones coming up if thats where they hide.

I really appreciate your advice and I will definitely grab some of the captain jack this evening and spray at lights out tomorrow.

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