Seedling transplant?

Hey I’m just wondering if I should transplant my plants. I am only keeping two since is a 2x4 grow tent. I’ve read you suppose to wait until the edges reach the cup ring but I believe I have seen bigger plants than that in a solo cup before transferring. I’ll be transferring them to their final container 5 gallon. How do they look to you? Thanks in advance, planted them 6/27 top 2 are GDP bottom Purple haze


They look healthy,you could go ahead and transplant. I believe that I would give them another week or 10 days. Let that root system really spread out and fill out the cup.


Are they feminized? I’d keep them all till sex is determined, maybe thats your plan also. Plants look very happy and ready for new home. :+1:


Yes they are @Okie70

Wouldn’t hurt to keep them all until you have to cull anyway. That way you make sure you only have females and if none of them flip you have 4 to pick from for the best looking plants to continue.

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Just from what I’ve read it seems when they form their second set of true leaves it’s time to transplant to the full cycle container you wanted them in.

So I would I. The more roots, the better it holds everything together, the less stressful the transplant will be. I don’t even consider transplanting out of solo cups until the plant has developed the 3rd set of leaves and needs daily watering.