Seedlings in a solo cup when to transplant to bigger pot?

I have my germinated seedlings now about 3 inch in height in solo cup. When do I transplant. 2weeks?

Do your seedlings have multi lobed leaves? A rule of thumb is when the plant leaves covers / reaches the perimeter of the pot, this is an indication of adequate root development. When this happens it is time to transplant. Some will use clear plastic cups that are covered to protect from light. The cover is removed in order to make a visual inspection of root formation.

She is ready for transplanting from her 6" pot to her 5 gallon pot. As a seedling she started in a peat pot filled with seed starter and planted directly into the 6" pot when roots were showing out of the bottom of the peat pot.


Thanks for the info. I can grasp that concept well.! this is its size now99344092_178196370190162_849156034177007616_n|373x500


Give her a little longer. When the second set of leaves are more developed she can be transplanted.


Beardless has you covered. I typically wait 17 to 21 days after they sprout


I wait until a full watering of the cup gets drunk up in a day. You know they have tons of roots when that happens, typically sometime between 2-3 weeks.

When they’re about this big


and there you have it! Dirt stays put… looks like a plug! A little mycos in the hole and yer off to the races! Nice looking plant!