Seed Starting and moving outside in New England

Hello all. I’m Junkie and I’m new. I’ve grown a few times before with some success, but I really want to it right this year. I picked up a 20 pack of White Widow autoflower, and its beginning to feel like its about time to start them. So, I guess I am seeking advice on the best way to do that, with all or most of the seeds germinating and being viable, strong plants to move outside in mid-april-ish??
A simple google search confuses the hell out of me, so any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!


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I fill a red Solo cup with a good soil buffered for cannabis and drop the seed in it. Usually needs transplanted into a larger pot within a week to 10 days of the seedling poking above soil.

I’m not an outdoor grower and am not familiar with the NE environment. I would assume that you can put them outside when nightime temps are above the mid-50s, though I could very well be corrected on this one by a more experienced outdoor grower. Maybe mid-May? You’ll need plenty of lighting to sustain them until you put them outdoors.

A lot of growers soak their seeds to germinate them before dropping them in soil… They have good success too.

I personally don’t like seed starters like rockwool or peat pots. IMHO these retain too much water to keep a seedling healthy. Cannabis seedlings hate wet feet.


@junkie welcome to the forum.
I also use starter cups for seedlings jand then I cover them with plastic bags making a dome over the plants (individually) to bring up the humidity.
I will transplant to 5 gallon fabric pots when the leaves grow beyond the diameter of the cup and I look for roots to start growing out of the bottom.

Since you plan to go outside when the weather is more accommodative if I were you I would transplant to 1 gallon pots and that should hold you until you can go outside.


I live in the North east I usually plant around Mother’s Day I use 1 gallon nursery bags less transplant shock


When I lived in NYS I would start plants around St.Patrick’s Day and plant around Memorial Day.Check weather closely then,we had occasional frost that late.Be sure to acclimate (harden off) your plants for a few days before moving them outside.
Auto will be perfect,as they will finish up long before rain and humidity come to play.Happy Growing.


Don’t set them outside until your area has more than 13 hrs of light or the indicas will start flowering.


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