Seedlings ready to be transported outside

I planted my seeds two weeks ago , all five popped (Thank You Robert) now they 're about two inches and still have there first leaves . I live on the coast of Massachusetts and I plan on growing them in containers outside. Right now I’m putting them outside in the morning than inside at night. When and what temperature should it be outside for me to start learning them outside permitally
Thank You

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Welcome to ilgm @MBgrower another MA resident here! I’m glad to see you’re taking advantage of the new law.

I think you’re still a couple weeks early to go outside full time.

If you grow tomatoes here in MA I’d wait till you put them out.

You would want them to have 3-4 sets of true leaves anyway before they are hard enough to transplant.

Thank for such a quick reply. Loving the new law here in Massachusetts. I’ll keep putting them in and out for a little while longer
Very appreciated “NEW GROWER”

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No problem at all. Be careful with them in full sunlight with them this weekend or if/when the sun comes out. I’d only do an hour or two at a time or keep them in partial shade for awhile.

What are you growing and how many? Just saw the 5 seeds.

Thank you again for you advice and support. I’m a new grower, I did grow one last year but a friend started it and it was well established when I got it , I didn’t have to do much but did enough to want to start growing by my self. This stage is all new to me but I’ve done a lot of reading and with the support I’m receiving on this forum I feel much more confident, a HUGE Thanks
Oh my “girls” are strawberry kush but just ordered autoflower white widow

awesome, two great strains.

I will tell you though that the biggest issue we see here on the forum is pH related. So if you don’t already have a pH meter, get one and some ph up & down and maybe some 7.0 calibration fluid to be sure she’s on the $$

How about a pic? I’m growing an AK47 right now that’s about ready to harvest. Not gonna be much yield, but I’ve been reading and learning a lot. Blueberry Auto’s are going down next!

I’m moving plants outside in MA, too. Starting the seedlings was the first time growing anything inside. I’ve heard that mj and tomatoes go out at the same time, but that doesn’t help me much because my experience is closer to landscaping than gardening.

I’m just watching the weather and looking for nighttime lows in the 60s. We’re not quite there yet, but close enough I’ve moved my 2 month old plants from the carefully controlled nursery into our non insulated sunroom for real sunlight and getting them used to more natural temp and humidity swings. They’ll get field trips outside for the next few weeks.

I’m a total noob, but I’ve seen how fragile seedlings are. I’ve opted to go slow, letting plants get big and strong in veg before I trusted them in nature. @bob31 said wait for five sets of true leaves, go gradually, and I think a lot of folks here would agree.

Lots of help here. Post pics, they’re entertaining, and you never know when sharp eyes will pick up something you didn’t know to notice.

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@Lia the tomatoes usually go out in May around my place but you for sure need to watch the weather closely. I usually do mine 2nd or third week of May!

Thank You @Lis for your comments, I am keeping them inside at night then I put them black outside in the morning. I’m keeping very close attention to the weather and I agree with waiting a few weeks before I put them outside for good.
We just finished a 12ft by 9ft fenced in , even the top has a wire roof and a door with a lock. It’s now legal to grow in MA - 12 plants per household WHOOT WHOOT
Thank You very much for your advice, I really feel comfortable going forward. Thank you and when I can figure out how to upload pictures I’ll put some up pictures, I LOVE and appreciate all the feed back I can get.


Hey @MBgrower how did you go about starting your seedlings? I’m from MA and have a small greenhouse that I’ve been moving outside during the day and inside at night. The plants I have were clones a friend gave me, but I’d like to start my feminized seeds in the upcoming weeks.

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Hello my fellow MA grower !! Seems like there alot of us MA residents taking advantage of the new law !! I started my seeds in a simple cup of water , within 24 hours they checked open, I then planted them in seed soil and they all popped through in 3 days . I mist them a few times a day and moving them inside and out , watching the weather. My girls are only in a small container , not protected , I want them to feel the wind for strong stems. I’m a beginner, I’ve read many ways to germinate marijuana seeds but this worked for me - so far so good :grinning:
Nice to meet you @KritsCannabis

Hi I wanted to know too! When can I put my seedlings outside. I have them in a small tent at the moment with some small clones. Getting very excited to be able to grow legal this summer!!! More plants😀 It’s just with the weather being so unpredictable rainy and freezing one day and hot as hell the next. I just want to know the safest time.

@Duke1 are you planting in the ground or keeping them in pots?

hi @Duke1 , the weather here is finally changed- mother nature skipped spring and went right into summer. I’ve transplanted my girls in fabric pots and are outside now. I like the fact that I can move them when needed ( New England weather, gotta love it) is so unpredictable. I’m loving the fact that MA made it legal. Nice to meet you !!

MB:grin: :seedling: :boom:


Just put mine out side!! I saw this in the yard where I work. What is this plant? Looks a lot like Cannabis.

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@bob31 I have them in smart pots! I’m so excited about my 2nd grow outside. My indoor is almost ready to harvest. Shutting down the grow room for the summer. Just having my plants outside for a few days what a difference😀 I’ll send pic to show you what I have. I need to downsizea bit I went a little clone happy.


Good to hear @Duke1 yep pics are always good! Give me a @ when you do!

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I think it’s an oak sprout, or possibly maple? But to me it definitely looks like a tree sprout. The most similar plant I’ve ever seen to cannabis has got to be the red emperor maple tree. I have one in my yard, and the leaves are IDENTICAL to cannabis! It’s always been my favorite tree because of it.

lol I hope that helps @Duke1 but at the same time, trust nothing I say because I’m just guessing!


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@ktreez420 thank you it look a lot like cannabis😀

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