Short growing season

This year here in West Virginia the weather is not adequate for growing, atleast i dont think it is?? Im afraid to pur any plants out because the daytime temps are running in the 60’s and 70’s and in the nights the temps are still dipping down as far as 30degrees. This is very odd for this area. Should I continue to keep my little ones inside untill the temps rise? Its allready the end of April and I only have 16 -18weeks left to our growing season. Any advise on what to do???

WVgreenthumb … I’m guessing your climate is similar to ours here in southwest Virginia. I’m not going to plant my seeds until the first or second weekend in May, because it’s still too cold at night. I talked to a local guy who grows tomatoes and he’s not setting out his germinated plants for another week or two for the same reason. I also checked the Farmer’s Almanac for this area and it said to wait until early May to plant tomatoes as well. I use the tomato growing as a guide for when to start the seeds outdoors.

Last year was my first grow and I didn’t plant my seeds outdoors in pots until about the first week in July. They germinated in about four days and just kept on going. I harvested the plants about the first week in October before the temps started to drop at night. Best of luck to you.

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I agree, You should have enough time once temps level out. You alreadyt have them growing, so Once you set them out, you can expect quick growth, :slight_smile: